SPORT: Regional hockey selection for Princethorpe students

Oscar Kay, Jack Hobbs, Becky Redmile and Bethan Ellis
Oscar Kay, Jack Hobbs, Becky Redmile and Bethan Ellis

Players have England ambitions

Being told that you are one of the best at your chosen sport in the County is an exceptional achievement. Being informed that you are one of the best in the Region puts you on the radar for national ranking and potential England selection.

Four experienced Princethorpe College Hockey players have been selected by England Hockey to form part of the regional HIPAC or Futures’ Cup squads. The High Performance Assessment Camps attended by Oscar Kay (U16), Jack Hobbs (U17), Becky Redmile (U18) and Bethan Ellis (U17) involve both intense residential training camps as well as top quality fixtures against other regions.

Upper Sixth Former Becky Redmile, has played at this level now for over three years. With her eye on future England selection she comments, “Hockey at this level means that you are a step closer to national representative honours. It takes a huge commitment to get to this point so all the Princethorpe players must have shown exceptional skills.”

For the youngest of the group, Year 11 forward Oscar Kay, his future is also targeting England selection. A qualified umpire as well as a College first team player, he is keen to get in the mix stating that a career in the sport would be an ambition realised.

Back row from left: Oscar Kay, Jack Hobbs. Front from left Becky Redmile, Bethan Ellis