Super tri club ladies win in Sunday’s snow

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Two Rugby Tri ladies were no match for the field at the Wellingborough Multi-Terrain Race (2) on Sunday, as they won both the 15k and 10k races.

Having dug themselves out of the snow and made the hour-long journey to Wellingborough, Jane Needham, Ladies 15k winner, improved on her 3rd position from the first series race and Anne Portsmouth took charge of the 10k ladies field to win, albeit in a close sprint to the finish line.

Results were:

10k: Anne Portsmouth 48mins 15secs and Josie Goodwin 52mins 38secs.

15k: Jane Needham 1hr 6mins 28secs.

It was a great effort by all entrants given the struggle to get to the venue and the challenging run conditions - snow, snow and more snow!

This multi-terrain and multi-distance run race (5k, 10k or 15k) is the second in a series of three races to be held in January and February and is used by many to see how well their winter triathlon training programmes are going. Club members will also be competing at the next series race on February 26.

If you are interested in taking part in triathlon, more information concerning the club’s adult and junior sections can be found at

Pictured (from left) are Jane Needham, winner of the 15k race and Anne

Portsmouth, winner 10k race.