SWIMMING: Rugby Swimming Club

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Success in Peri Sprints

Clubs and swimmers from all over the Midlands descended on the QDJLC for the annual Peri Sprints, and with the eight-lane pool meaning that 100m, 200m and 400m IM could be added.

This was a friendly meeting, with upper time limits, ensuring that National level swimmers cannot enter, and is used by all the local clubs to introduce new young swimmers to the rigours of an Open Meet all day event, and to set new PBs in possibly new events.

Some swimmers beat their times by up to 15 seconds even in the shorter events, and some edging a minute in the longer events. Things kicked off with the boys’ 200m IM, where David Hepworth won the only medal in this event, finishing second in the 15 and overs.

Next up was the girls’ 50m backstroke, no medals for Rugby in the 9/10s, but Ellen Armeson won the 11/12s, (35.12) Maddie Haywood added the 13/14s (33.99) and Karen Bates (34.27) the over 15s also took gold. Anna Shepherd chased Karen all the way to finish 3rd.

Next up was the boy’s 50m breaststroke, where Luke Harris was second in the 11/12s (39.84), Tom Parker romped home in the 13/14s (36.26), and Noah Slinn surprised himself to win bronze in the over 15s.

The next event saw the girls taking on the gruelling 400m IM, this is 4 length of butterfly, then backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

Rugby’s only medal was from Karen Bates in the over 15s, despite losing an argument with the lane-rope connector, which saw her withdraw from the rest of the meeting.

Dan Carey continued his impressive conquering of the butterfly event, as he raced home 2 seconds clear in the boy’s 9/10s 50m fly, (40.95) Matt Seaton was third in the 11/12s (35.68), with Matt Laity second in (29.67) and Noah (29.91), ran Josh close in the 15 and overs.

Over 50, 9/10 year old girls competed in the 50m freestyle, which is great for local swimming, though no medals for Rugby, Aofie Williams (31.92) just pipped Ellen A (32.15) in the 11/12s, to win gold and silver, and Maddie Haywood was third in 30.89 in the 13/14s, with Anna Shepherd second in the 15s in 30.91.

Karen Maher just missed out on a medal, but won the battle of the ladies born pre 1990s finishing 4th in 33.86.

Matt Seaton moved up a place to second in the 100m IM, and Tom Parker won again in the 13/14s by 2 clear seconds were Rugby’s only medals here.

Even thinner on the ground were medals for the girl’s in the 200m IM, where Aofie’s bronze in the 11/12s was the only one.

The boys 50m back proved happier hunting grounds, as Dan Carey won the 9/10s in 42.55, Matt Seaton the 11/12s in 34.45, and Tom, again claiming gold in 34.20.

Noah secured a Midland’s regional time in 30.46 finishing second behind the ever dominant Joshua Walker of Stratford. Ellen A, continued her fine form, with second in the girl’s 50m breaststroke, in 42.85, and Anna won this, her favourite event, in the 15s with 37.72, off her best, but good enough to win by a second.

The boys 400 IM, was limited in its appeal, and Rugby failed to win any medals. Nor did the girl’s in the 50m fly, though Rugby did have a 4th and a couple of 5ths.

Last up for the boys was the splash fest of 50m freestyle, where Toby Rigg, pipped Dan C to win the 9/10s in 37.09, his third PB in the event in three weeks.

Matt Seaton won another silver in 31.71, and Tom won again in 29.48 in the 13/14s for his third gold, and Noah Slinn was fastest of them all winning the 15s in 26.41.

Ellen A, won another medal in the last event the girl’s 100m IM again the only medal over the event.

All in all Rugby won more events than any other club, with one or two events winning several age groups on the trot, and other events were the success was limited, I am sure Hemesh Chohen will have noticed this, and work on it.

Again many complimentary words on the new leisure centre, and thanks to the centre and its staff for hosting the event.

Others worthy of thanks are all the officials, from the referees and the other officials, to those manning the door, and providing drinks, to the competitors’ stewards who manage to round up all the swimmers over 150 plus races, and the ladies on the medal table who ensured 180 plus medals found their way to the correct recipients.

Simon Rigg