SWIMMING: Rugby Swimming Club


Nuneaton Junior League and Leicester Diddy League

Rugby Swimming Club were again represented in both the Nuneaton Junior League and the Leicester Diddy league.

The senior team stormed to victory at Wyndley in the NJL, as they blew the opposition away, winning by 243 points to 179 for Camp Hill and 170 for Boldmere. This result represented the team spirit and hard work instilled by Steve Gregory (team head), as well as all the commitment of the swimmers.

The less experienced team came third in the LDL, to two ‘A’ teams over in Enderby, but finishing clear of the rest. The team is again showing real guts and determination and improving rapidly, under the tutelage of Devesh Chohen and some of the senior club swimmers, as well as being led by the ever enthusiastic Jasmine Rigg. Wellingborough won with 243 points, Rushden 220, Rugby 177, Leicester Sharks 162 and Oadby and Wigston struggled gamely but trailed home with 117.

At the Junior League Rugby were only out of the top three on rare occasions, six times in fact out of 51 races, including the ubiquitous relay DQ. Race winners were Matt Seaton x 2, James Phillips, Luke Anspokes x 2, Victoria Perzylo, Dan Carey, Jessica McKenzie, Max Green, James Armeson, Ceri House, Max Green in the individuals. Relay races were won by the boys 11s, Dan, Luke, Toby Rigg, Aaron Kilcaldy, in both free and medley, girls 9s freestyle, boys 10s medley, boys 12s medley and the all ages 8x1 relay.

Seconds and thirds were almost too regular to mention, suffice to say all the above mentioned also finished in the top three in other races, and were joined by Adam Wanless, Lewis Cresswell, Anna Rath, Cerys Allen, Aofie Williams, Belema Sikabofori, Lauren Phillips, Charlotte Obrien, Luie Gilroy and Harriet Troupe, apologies if I have missed any one.

Over at Leicester, one none arrival meant Devesh had to shuffle a few swimmers around. The list of winners is somewhat shorter, but no less deserving. Lucas Marshall won the boys 11s butterfly, Rhys Jones, the 9s back, Emily Goodwin, 12s breaststroke, and Paul Scerbakovs the 11s back. The only relay win of the evening was the 12s girls Medley team of Jasmine Rigg, Emily, Georgia Godding, and Regan Walker, as they pipped Rushden by 0.1 of a second to huge noise form the travelling Rugby support. Seconds were recorded by Holly Farndon, Amelia Quinn, and the relay teams of girls and boys 9s free, the boys 11s free the 9s boys and girls were both second in the medley too. Thirds were more regular behind the big two, Hayden Maher, Jasmine, Paul, Lucas, Lara Williams, Catherine Cleaver, Ben Shurrocks, Cerys James, Sadie Pick, as well as pretty much every other relay team, apart from a couple of DQs. These were for technical infringements due to starting in the pool, so can be easily rectified for the next round. Another area that will need to be approved, as one official of over 40 years’ experience noted, is that Rugby’s poolside etiquette needs work.

At the next round of the Diddy league the teams split into hierarchical order with five final galas based upon league position. (Last year Rugby were in the fifth of five, but are hoping to make it into league three or four at the worst this year.) While the junior league team have one more round to go, with hopes to again make the final, as they achieved last year, and ideally move further up the leader board.

Simon Rigg