SWIMMING: Rugby Swimming Club

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Luke Anspokes star of the show in Coventry & District Secondary Championships

Amongst the recent rash of league matches and the Rugby Open, this meet gives swimmers from the Greater Coventry area the chance to compete against other clubs minus the top swimmers, as there is a time limit for each event. The friendly event continues over four sessions across two days, with events from 50m up to 400m, from ages 9 upwards.

The star of the show was Luke Anspokes, who just goes from strength to strength, as he simply blew the opposition away. He won events by 6 seconds, 9 seconds and nearly 10 seconds, and not as you might imagine of 400m, but over 50 and 100m, which just makes it all the more staggering. All three times were miles inside the fastest entry time allowed, which as the entries were only three weeks ago, just goes to show how fast he is improving. Over the weekend, shorter events are split into one-year age groups, whereas the 200 and 400s are open, and not split off into age groups.

Maddie Haywood just missed a medal in the open 200m breaststroke, showing her versatility in a stroke she rarely swims, let alone the 200m, just missing out in 3.05.97. Rugby’s first medal was in the 100m back as Ellen Armeson eased home in the 12s with 1.17.93, and Megan Williams was 3rd in the 13s in 1.19.79.

Greater success was recorded in the 50m breaststroke in both the boys’ and girls’ events, again showing Rugby’s excellence at breaststroke. Louie Gilroy was 2nd in the 9s with 50.89, Luke Anspokes won by 6 seconds in the 11s with 41.60, with Aaron Kilcaldy 4th. In the girls’ Emily Goodwin continued her recent rapid improvement coming second in the 11s with 43.17, Ellen Armeson was also second in the 12s with 43.01, and continuing the run Maddie was second in the 13s with 41.03.

Moving into the evening session, the first event of 100m freestyle saw Rugby win a variety of medals across the age groups. Maddie was second in the 13s as she pipped Megan Williams by half a second as they came 2nd and 3rd. In the boys’ the ‘Luke Anspokes show’ continued, winning the 11s by 9 seconds in 1.11.59, roughly 12.5% faster than his opposition. Paul Scerbakovs was 3rd in 1.20.59. piping Aaron by 0.1 seconds. Big Rhys James was 2nd in the 13s in 1.05.96, and he has the bragging rights over Maddie and Megan beating them by 0.2 seconds. The 50m back was limited in success, as Luie and Paul managed a second and a third, with nothing for the girl this time.

The 100m breaststroke saw Luke do it again, winning by a clear 9.5 seconds, in 1.29.06, Rhys was 2nd in 1.25.53 in the 13s. Luke has improved his 100m time by over 10 seconds in three months, and will be a major force very soon at this rate. Next up was Maddie in the 200m free, another 4th, but she was giving away several years to those around here, her time of 2.22.88 showing her stamina and fitness as well as a turn of speed. The only medal in the 100 fly was Megan, second in the 13s in 1.17.89, the 50m free was a little disappointing, only yielding medals for Olivia Gyatt in the 14s, in 32.01, Luie Gilroy in the 9s, 38.94, and Lewis Cresswell, in the 10s in 36.04. Maddie broke her duck on the 200s in the IM, storming home in second place in 2.41.65, less than half a second separating the top four. Megan and Olivia won more medals in the girls’ 50m fly in 35.46, and 36.63 respectively. Big Rhys closed things off in the 400m, just missing a medal, but heading very close to the five minute mark.

Lastly, a special mention to Tommy Olubisi, who was racing for the first time, he suffered an asthma attack during his 100m freestyle, which required a stop and use of his Ventolin inhaler, which the coaches had to deliver to the end of the lane. He completed the race, and whilst he may have finished some way behind all the other swimmers, finish he did, to a rousing ovation from the spectators.