SWIMMING: Rugby Swimming Club


Lesson from 2012 Olympians

Rugby Swimming Club welcomed 2012 Olympians Amy Smith and Joe Roebuck to the QDJC, for three and a half hours on Sunday afternoon. Amy and Joe not only took part in London, but at previous commonwealth Games, European and World Championships, and brought some of their medals for the children to have a look at. They were more than happy to sign autographs and posed for photos. They started off with a land training session with a select group from the 13-16 year olds elite squad, and then a full two hours of backstroke techniques with all. This was open to all the teaching sections, right up to the masters.

The senior swimmers were treated to a series of exercises, with swimming fitness and in particular core strength to the fore. Both Amy and Joe, were excellent with the swimmers, and despite the hard work, there were smiles all round, and lots was learnt. Not everything was picked up straight away, but, with head coach Hemesh Chohen taking notes, the exercises a bound to appear in land training sessions from now on.

In the pool session, both Amy and Joe completed regular demonstrations throughout. There was a certain shock and awe as Amy demonstrated her backstroke, and only took nine strokes to do the whole length. Though this was usurped by Joe doing it in four. He was doing a certain drill, but each arm pull saw him surge forward as if being pulled on a rope.

The pool was absolutely full with a minimum of eight per lane, and up to ten and even 12 in the younger ones. As a bystander, and to a backstroke expert, (British Masters Champion Karen Bates who was in charge of videoing duties) the improvement could be seen with almost every drill, though some didn’t seem very logical, until it was teamed up with the next one, or the next one, and suddenly it all made sense. Considering there were over 100 swimmers, everyone was very attentive and keen to learn, even those who wouldn’t count backstroke as their first stroke.

Many of these drills will be appearing over the next few weeks and months, and also many backstroke PBs over a similar period.