SWIMMING: Rugby Swimming Club

Swimmers, with ladies' captain Megan Williams and junior boys' captain Toby Rigg (centre)
Swimmers, with ladies' captain Megan Williams and junior boys' captain Toby Rigg (centre)

Jack swims sub 60 for first time

Team Rugby climbed on board the bus to Wolverhampton, and with a bit of late jigging about, had one and three quarter teams for the friendly Trophy Gala.

Despite the distraction on the World Cup, and late withdrawals, and injuries, Rugby would be a few swimmers short in the B team, but had a full contingent for the A team.

This was for 10-14 year-olds only, and swimmers could not swap teams, so well done to all for showing the commitment to the team.

The A team had an evening long battle with Blythe Barracudas, and Stourbridge A, coming out on top by a good distance in the end.

Whilst the B team also won their own battle with Cheadle and Stourbridge B, there were some rousing individual performances, as well as great relays, with the top three often separated by a few hundredths of a second, with results being swapped between them.

I hate to single out swimmers for praise in these team events, as this is a mixture of the young and the inexperienced, as well as the older swimmers with several years racing behind them.

Having said that, certain swimmers do deserve a mention, Matthew Seaton was on fire, as he won all of his races by yards, as well as being massively influential in the relays.

Another was Jessica Mackenzie, who came from five yards down in a relay, didn’t breathe for the last 10m, and pipped the swimmer from Stourbridge by 0.01 seconds, backed up by the likes of Loue Gilroy, Megan Williams, and Maddie Heywood along with huge PBs from others swimmers, too many to mention.

There were no shortage of personal triumphs in the B team too, with a mix of the experienced to the virtual novices, some swimming up ages as well.

Isaac Kayada, Clara Haywood, Eddie Haynes, Erin Lloyd, Ben Jones and Jasmine Rigg all stood out, though all those who swam performed superbly, especially those with less experience of this type of event.

Jack clocks sub 60

There was one huge personal milestone achieved as Jack Carey, 14, clocked a sub 60 for 100m freestyle. This is the swimming equivalent of the four minute mile, and means he can officially join the ‘Big Boys’.

Jack missed this magical barrier several times before the summer break, by less than half a second, this time, he smashed it, with 59.36, and he will be a real force to be reckoned with at the club championships.