TAE KWON DO: Black belts

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Success for Chris, 51, club’s oldest member

FORTY people took part in the Wright Choice Tae Kwon Do Club’s quarterly grading.

These included Ashley Wakelin, who was taking second Dan; Chris Hutchings, Ryan Smith, Todd Williams and Curtis Turton taking their first Dan; and Richard Tilley and Edward Kearney taking their first Dan Assessment.

Vendon Wright, the Fifth Dan Sensei who is the Master of the Club, said: “If they all pass, it will be the largest number of First Dan’s qualifying in any of the gradings the club has done.”

The grading took two hours and involved students demonstrating a range of skills, including patterns, hand and feet techniques, full contact sparing and breaking.

Chris Hutchings, at 51, is the oldest club member and when the results were announced that he had passed he was clearly delighted. Chris took up Tae Kwon Do in his mid forties and never dreamed he would manage to obtain a Black Belt so he was over the moon.

From left to right

Vendon Wright 5th Dan Master, Beckee Humphreys 1st Dan, Susie Smith 1st Dan, Chris Hutchings obtained 1st Dan, (back to front) Jason Sailsbury 3rd Dan, Ben Wilson 1st Dan, (back to front) Raj Vadukul 1st Dan, Curtis Turton obtained 1st Dan, Sam Clynes (back to front) Ryan Smith obtained 1st Dan, Ashley Wakelin obtained 2nd Dan, Todd Williams obtained 1st Dan.