TENNIS: Fantastic win for Jake in Belgium

Jake Hersey
Jake Hersey

Rugby’s star player tops strong international field

Young Champions Cup –

Hasselt, Belgium

A great week’s tennis in Hasselt, Belgium, culminated in Jake Hersey winning the Under 14 ‘Young Champions Cup’ over a strong international field.

On his way to victory in the Grade 1 Tennis Europe tournament, Jake had to overcome opponents from Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Jake said: ‘I am really pleased at winning the tournament especially as it was on european clay on which I get far less time on than my opponents.

“There were some really tough matches especially the two three set matches against the Spanish player and then in the semi-final against the Australian.”

The win also enables Jake to remain the highest ranked GB U14 player in Europe and to maintain his target of being in and around the top ten of Europe U14’s since January which has been made difficult by having to fit in school exams and sacrifice Tennis Europe events to play ITF qualifiers.

Winning the title was great reward for the work Jake has to put in and commitment he shows in trying to progress and develop all aspects of his gam.

And he appreciates the team at Edgbaston Priory High Performance Centre where he trains under the tutelage of Tennis Coach Gary Naughton, Fitness Instructor Rob Norman, Performance Director Adam Wharf and when travelling as part of the GB team under LTA U14’s captain Richard Plews.

From January Jake has to move to playing ITF events which brings a wider set of international opponents.

He has recently started this transition where he has managed to earn his first rating points, which will help him get entry to the tournaments, which is not easy when players first move to ITF due to the volume of players entering as it spans four years of players between 14 and 18 years old.