TENNIS: Mini Red League

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Last weekend saw the area leagues drawing to a exciting end.

The Rugby B Team of Zachary Wenham, Joey Green, William Moore and Ellie Wilson had an all-important qualifying round to play to decide who took the final place on offer in the Semi Finals. They had to play Warwick Tennis Club who put out a strong team. Zachary had a great first match, playing well he won 10-3 but narrowly lost his second 8-10. Joey had some long rallies in his games despite playing well he lost 7-10 and 6-10. William Moore had a close first match but managed to get ahead winning 10-8, he had total control in his second winning 10-1. Ellie had a great first match winning 10-6, she had a tough second match losing 4-10. This meant that the score was 4-4 after all the singles games, the doubles were all to play for. Zachary and Joey played well together just gaining the advantage winning 10-7. William and Ellie were 7-6 down but played some great tennis to win 10-7. Rugby B were through to the Semi Final.

The rest of the day now proved tense and exciting, as eight sets of parents and coaches Natalie Meek and Graeme Baker got the opportunity to see Rugby A and B team in the Semi Finals, the first time Rugby had ever had two teams through to the same Semi. The Rugby A team of Ben Hillyard, Matthew Irish, William Garthwaite and Charlotte Eaton were up against Shipston. Both teams had been practicing and this showed going into the finals. Ben had two great matches, he moved his opponents around the court winning 10-8 and 10-6. Matthew was in fine form and feeling very confident, he won 10-4 and 10-7. William Garthwaite was moving well around the court and remained in control winning 10-4 and 10-7. Charlotte despite being 8-6 down managed to come back and win 10-9, she did well in her second winning 10-6. Ben and Matthew’s doubles was a closely fought game but the boys showed great strength to win 10-9. William and Charlotte tried to narrow the gap but they lost 7-10. Only losing the one game the Rugby A Team had earned their place in the final.

The Rugby B team had a more controversial game, they had to play Leamington B, who had brought back some very strong older players to play for the team. Our Rugby team played brilliantly giving it their all. Zachary had two closely fought matches in which he rallied his heart out, he lost 7-10 and 7-10. Joey was playing some great topspin shots to keep moving his opponents he lost 8-10 and 8-10. William Moore had an extremely close first match in which he kept his concentration winning 10-9, in his second he had complete control from the beginning winning 10-3. Ellie competed well in her first match but lost 6-10, in her second she gave it her all but lost 4-10. Zachary and Joey pulled together in the doubles but narrowly lost 8-10. William and Ellie played a great match winning 10-8. A valiant effort by the team, but despite not making it through to the Final they still had the third/fourth playoff to compete in.

The Rugby A team now faced the same Leamington B in the final who had just knocked out the B team. Ben played a brilliant first match, with some entertaining rallies but lost 5-10, in his second he took complete control from the very first point winning 10-3. Matthew had a really close first match but knuckled down to win 10-9, he was extremely confident in his second which really showed as he played, winning 10-6. William Garthwaite was silent but deadly as he built his rallies and commanded his points, he won 10-4 and 10-3. Charlotte had two very close matches in which she competed well, she worked hard to win her first 10-9 and lost the second 8-10. Ben and Matthew were a formidable team in the doubles they stepped up a gear to only lose two points winning 10-2. William and Charlotte also played an awesome match to win 10-7. With an overall win of 8-2 Rugby won the title and now go on to represent Eastern Warwickshire in the Finals on 18 December in Birmingham.

In the third/fourth playoff, things were just as exciting. Zachary lost his first match 4-10 but won his second with a close 10-9. Joey won his first 10-9 and had a tough second match losing 1-10. William Moore who had not lost a match all afternoon, kept up his winning form by winning his next two matches 10-4 and 10-7. Ellie had some good rallies but lost 4-10 and 3-10. Zachary and Joey lost a couple of vital points in their doubles, eventually losing 8-10. William Moore and Ellie played a great team game to win 10-5. With the overall score being 5-5 all in games it all came down to a point count back. This meant that Rugby B finished in third place.

Thank you to all the players for making the day so special and to the parents for their continued support. Well done to all of you and good luck to the A team on the 18 December.