TENNIS: Rugby LTC Family Sponge Ball event

Players enjoying the sponge ball event
Players enjoying the sponge ball event

Fun for 44 players at Harris Sports Centre

Rugby Lawn Tennis Club held their Family Sponge Ball event at the Harris School Sports Centre this week. A maximum of 44 players aged between 75 and 5 took part in this annual fun event.

The first round saw the very tenacious father and son pairing of Steve and Tim Rose remain unbeaten to claim the ‘ultra-competitive adult group’. Roger Delleman and Gemma Trodd took the runners-up place after a spectacular dive from Roger! The ‘more sedate grown-up group’ saw a very close finish with Grandad Garthwaite and Sara Moore just pipping Carl and Dan Green by a point. The ‘competitive kids’ group was the closest with just three points separating first and last. Lucy and Charlotte Eaton came out on top just holding off William Moore and Matthew Trasler by a point. The ‘youngsters’ group saw Ella Stuchbury and Samantha Delleman remain unbeaten with Daniel Garthwaite and Katie Rose runners-up.

The second round was all ‘parent and child’ groups with the occasional adopted adult playing.

The ‘Superstars’ group 1 saw every pairing winning at least one match and some of the rallies were awe inspiring. Once again, it was Steve and Grace Rose who came out on top with Pete and Ben Stuchbury runners-up.

In group 2, I’m extremely relieved to say that the pairing of adopted parent…me (Graeme Baker) and Ella Stuchbury managed to win the group from the late challenge of John and Ellie Wilson.

Natasha and Sara Moore were unbeaten as they became champions of Group 3 from Michelle and Megan Stuchbury in 2nd place.

Group 4 completed the clean sweep for the Rose family as Grandad Tim and Katie just managed to get their noses in front of Roger and Samantha Delleman.

Finally, I’d like to thank Harris School Sports Centre for all their assistance and to everyone who attended, making it a very enjoyable evening. Graeme Baker