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Rugby Trampoline Club members
Rugby Trampoline Club members

In-house competition raises £310 towards equipment

Rugby Trampolining Club held an in-house competition at their main training centre, Harris School. The competitors comprised new and old squad members, with the categories starting from under 9s to over 17s. Everyone who competed did extremely well and shone under the pressure of competition, they did themselves, coaches and family members very proud. Naill Cleaver’s routines were outstanding, which made him the highest scorer of the day with Abbie Spraget at a close second.

It was also great for the younger squaddies and parents to see the coaches compete, with our head coach Annette Parker winning her category and the O17s winning team gold. The coaches would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped organise and run the day so smoothly. The parents also helped in baking cakes, making refreshments, running a tombola and raffle to raise £310 for a middle mat that is much needed for training. Being such a success, the club are now going to hold more in-house competitions next year.

(Grade in brackets)

U9s: 1 Jenna Street 46.1 (I); 2 Max Green 44.6 (I); 3 Oliver Pendleton 42.3 (I).

U13s: 1 Abbie Spraget 50.7 (I), 2 Alicia Peterson (48.2) (I); 3 Sophie Cross (46.4) (I).

U15s: 1 Maisie Bowen 46.6 (I); J2 Anja Vikmanis 45.7 (I); J2 Ella Burns 45.7 (I).

U13s: 1 Lewis Bull 47.5 (G); 2 Daniel Edge 45.6 (G); 3 Brodie Street 44.5 (G).

U17s: 1 Hannah Dawson 47.9 (G); 2 Millie Panther 44.2 (G); 3 Jake Godding 44.0 (G).

O17s: 1 Annette Parker 48.9 (G); 2 Mark Powell 45.2 (G); 3 Shelley Flaherty 45.0 (G).

U13+U15s: 1 Naill Cleaver 51.6 (F); 2 Chloe Adams 48.4 (F); 3 George Bowen 48.0 (F).

U17+O17s: 1 Jonah Mcsweeney 49.1 (F); 2 Hazel Johnson 47.0 (F)

Written by Shelley Flaherty