TRIATHLON: Good performances by juniors

Ella Mae Fereday
Ella Mae Fereday
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Rugby Triathlon Club

Nine junior members made the journey to Shrewsbury on June 16 for the inaugural Shropshire Junior Duathlon - a race combining a run, a cycle and then another run.

The results were:

TriStart (run 300m, cycle 1k, run 200m): Evie Louise Fereday (7th) 5:55

Tri Star 1 (run 900m, cycle 3k, run 300m): Ella Mae Fereday (5th) 13:57; Cerys James (12th) 15:02; Lewis Cresswell (6th) 12:20; Charlie Glover (23rd) 14:20.

Tri Star 2 (run 1200m,. cycle 5k, run 600m): Joshua Greenfield (7th) 18:47; Holly Glover (10th) 21:52.

Tri Star 3 (run 1500, cycle 7k, run 900m): Rhys James (16th) 26:24.

Youth (run 1800m, cycle 9k, run 1.2k): Luke Greenfield (9th) 36:18.

Triathlon is three sports undertaken as one - swimming, cycling and running.

If you are interested in taking part more information concerning the club’s adult and junior sections can be found at the club’s website

You can join in with the Junior Club at their Sunday training sessions at Rugby School and participate in any or all of the disciplines.