TRIATHLON: Junior successes

Matthew McQuillan
Matthew McQuillan

Rugby Triathlon Club

Eighteen young triathletes travelled to Edgbaston to take part in the popular Paul Weston Memorial Triathlon on July 7th. The results were:

TriStart (swim 50m/cycle 1500m/run 600m): Matthew McQuillan (2nd) 12:09, Evie-Louise Fereday (5th) 10:38.

Tri Star 1 (swim 150m/cycle4000m/run1200m): Ella Mae Fereday (2nd) 21:36, Cerys James (7th) 23:06, Cara McQuillan (10th) 24:56, Lewis Cresswell (3rd) 19:10, James Austin (5th) 19:42, Luca Giles (6th) 20:16, Charlie Bracken (16th) 23:20.

Tri Star 2 (swim 200m/cycle 6000m/run 1800m): Joshua Greenfield (7th) 25:58, Tyler Swindell (14th) 30:50, Holly Glover (15th) 31:13.

Tri Star 3 (swim 300m/cycle 8000m/run 2400m): Aiden McGuirk (3rd) 31:30, Rhys James (4th) 33:23, Francesca Austin (5th) 48:11, Hannah Reynolds (7th) 50:40.

Youth (swim 400m/cycle 10,000m/run 3000m): Georgia Austin (5th) 46:25, Luke Greenfield (14th) 51:28.

In the intense heat of the weekend, Emily James - the only club representative at the Formarke Hall Junior Aquathlon - came third in her Tri Star 3 category in a time of 35:30. She had to swim 300m followed by a 3000m run.

Triathlon is three sports undertaken as one - swimming, cycling and running - if you are interested in taking part more information concerning the club’s adult and junior sections can be found at You can join in with the Junior Club at their Sunday training sessions at Rugby School and participate in any or all of the disciplines.