TRIATHLON: Rugby Triathlon Club

Young triathletes at Duston
Young triathletes at Duston

Juniors and ladies compete at Duston


The youngest and the oldest Rugby Triathlon Club juniors were represented on the podium last weekend (April 19) at the Duston Junior Triathlon, Northamptonshire.

Over 275 youngsters took part in the race which normally enables all the competitors to judge how well they have been training and what they need to do. Grace Darcy was third in the TriStart group, Elliot Parsons was third in the Youth category and new member Oliver Scott was fourth in Tri Star 1.

The results from the 23 Rugby Tri Club were:

Youth (15/16 years) – 250m swim/4km bike/2k run

3rd boy Elliot Parsons 25:09

7th boy Josh Wilson 26:11

10th boy Luke Greenfield 29:46

Tri Star 3 (13/14 years) - 200m swim/3.2km bike/1600m run

9th boy Charlie McGowan 22:02

12th boy Adam Smith 22:36

16th boy Alex Harper 23:37

17th boy Josh Greenfield 23:40

19th boy William Marston 24:08

20th girl Hannah Reynolds 29:30

Tri Star 2 (11/12 years) - 150m swim/2.4km bike/1200m run

16th boy Benjamin Leugs 18:49

23rd boy Michael Channing 19:14

31st boy James Austin 20:46

37th boy Oliver Smith 22:21

6th girl Neve Satchwell 17:34

32nd girl Grace Marston 22:52

35th girl Megan Gallacher 23:11

Tri Star 1 (9/10 years) - 100m swim/1.6km bike/800m run

4th boy Oliver Scott 13:05

14th boy Toby Channing 13:52

29th boy Matthew McQuillan 15:18

14th girl Erin Darcy 14:32

TriStar (7/8 years) - 50m swim/800m bike/400m run

5th boy Josef Leugs 9:41

9th boy Luke Broomhead 10:28

3rd girl Grace Darcy 9:07


The battle lines were drawn at the recent Duston Sprint Triathlon (April 20th) between two lady members of the Rugby Triathlon Club - new member Nicola Smith and Bev Masterman.

Both ladies competed in the 30-34 age group with just two minutes between them Nicola gained a 2nd place finish in this age group and Bev gained 3rd. Their times were 1:18:46 and 1:20:17 respectively. Eric Burke won his age group (65-69) with a time of 1:23:45.

Over 430 competitors braved the very cold weather to complete this sprint race which comprised a 400m swim, 20k bike and a 5k run. The results of the other Rugby Tri Club participants were:

(30-34) Nicola Smith 2nd 1:18:46, Bev Masterman 3rd 1:20:17, Rich Cousins 15th 1:12:40.

(35-39) Anthony Smith 15th 1:07:42, Stephen Brooks 44th 1:22:32.

(40-44) Lea Mitchell 8th 1:24:00, Carl Williams 20th 1:12:21, Ed Slater 33rd 1:17:16.

(45-49) Sam Watkins 6th 1:26:05; Pam Batchelor 4th 1:24:57; Bev G-O7th 1:27:29.

(50-54) Josie Goodwin 6th 1:21:08, Judith Harper 16th 1:37:40, Ian Payne 19th 1:19:37.

(65-69) Eric Burke 1st 1:23:45.

Triathlon is three sports undertaken as one - swimming, cycling and running - if you are interested in taking part more information concerning the club’s adult and junior sections can be found at You can join in with the Junior Club at their Sunday training sessions at Rugby School and participate in any or all of the disciplines.