TRIATHLON: Rugby Triathlon Club

Keith Edwards won the Veteran 50 age group at Coventry
Keith Edwards won the Veteran 50 age group at Coventry

Greeves fastest in club’s sprint championships at Coventry

Tom Greeves posted the fastest time at the Rugby Triathlon Club Sprint Championships, held at the Coventry Triathlon at the weekend (May 25). His time for completing the 400m swim, 20k bike and 5k run was 1:03:01 which also gave him second overall in the actual triathlon.

Thirty-three members took part and other notable performances were from Keith Edwards who won the Veteran 50 age group in a time of 1:06:53 and Sally Boon who was the quickest female club member racing. She finished her race in 1:13:02.

Other results are:

Greg Ashley 6th V40 1:07:24; Pam Batchelor 9th V40 1:28:11; Stephen Brooks 32nd V40 1:25:49; Stephen Childs 10th V50 1:24:39; Jim Darcy 16th V40 1:17:45; Josie Goodwin 3rd V50 1:26:28; Bev Graham-Older 12th V40 1:32:31; Derek Hoyle 12th V40 1:11:18; Marcin Kumiszczo 13th Sen 1:12:10; Naomi Leugs 13th V40 1:34:24; Bev Masterman 14th Sen 1:27:03; Mike McGillion 22nd V40 1:20:45; Sharon McGowan 5th V40 1:26:50; Matthew Miller 14th Sen 1:12:20; Lea Mitchell 5th V40 1:27:12; Joel Morgan 28th V40 1:24:17; Christa Morris 9th Sen 1:22:54; Ian Payne 11th V50 1:24:40; Adam Rouledge 32nd Sen 1:19:18; Sam Watkins 10th V40 1:31:21; Amy Sarkies 6th Sen 1:15:25; Adrian Sarkies 27th Sen 1:16:32; Anthony Smith 8th Sen 1:09:39; Nicola Smith 10th Sen 1:24:25; Dean Swindell 16th Sen 1:12:35; Adam Walker 26th Sen 1:16:15; Ross Wearing 9th V40 1:10:45; Lawrence Webb 4th V40 1:06:31; Michael Wood 30th Sen 1:17:15.

# At the British and World Quadrathlon Championships in Brigg, Lincolnshire, Andy Childs came 6th in his age group (40-49) and 22nd overall by completing this four-discipline event (1.5k river swim, 7k kayak, 36k bike, 10k run) in 3:02:02.

# Kevin Sexton was 15th in his age group (50-54) at the Shropshire Triathlon at the weekend. He completed the standard distance race (1.5k swim, 39k bike, 10k run) in 2:23:28.

# Lastly, Tim O’Shea took part in the novice race at the Welwyn & Hatfield Festival of Sport and finished the 400m swim, 10k bike and 2.5 mile run in 1:06:17.

# Rugby Triathlon Club organises a triathlon in Daventry at the end of August. More on this and the adults and junior sections visit