TRIATHLON: Sponsors’ vision continues

Rugby Triathlon Club 'September 22 2011
Rugby Triathlon Club 'September 22 2011

Vision Express in the Clock Towers Shopping Centre has continued its support of the Rugby Triathlon Club’s Junior section in its 5th Anniversary year.

Store Director Simon Dubbin is pictured here with some of the young athletes being presented with updated trisuits (a special swim, bike and run suit worn during competition) and T shirts all bearing the Vision Express name.

The store has been supporting the Club since it started 5 years ago and to help show that relationship and let other youngsters in the area know of the club, Simon has also presented the club with advertising banners seen here in the picture.

The banners are already making an impression in the area as the club has already, in the few weeks they have been used, encouraged two new members to join.

The Club, which trains at Rugby School Sports Centre, Horton Crescent, currently has 40 enthusiastic young members aged 8 to 16 who meet every Sunday at 2pm for two hours for the weekly training session and any young person is welcome to join in.

If you wish to do triathlon competitions there are minimum swim distances involved by age group .. but all the club requires for you to join in on a Sunday is that you can swim 50 metres and have a helmet and road worth bike .. no other special kit is required.

For further information please see the Club website at or send an email to .

In the picture club members (left to right) with Store Director Simon Dubbin (far right) .. Joe Childs, Alex Considine, Reece Oldham, Aiden McGuirk, Emily Childs, Tristan Beardshaw and Jess Butterworth.