News and tips from Ringstead Grange

The atrocious conditions over the past week have meant that except the very hardy anglers most have thought to await the better weather and stayed away.

However those that did visit Ringstead Grange were rewarded with some exceptional sport once again with boat and bank anglers finding the fish feeding at the calmer times of the day.

Best fish of the week was a superb rainbow weighing in at 13lb 3oz caught by Andy Babanowski of Northampton on an orange headed diawl bach fished close to the surface.

When the weather has been quieter during the day hatches of lake olives have again been in abundance and Hares Ear,PTN,Diawl Bach,Hoppers have been very successful in the good catches.

The pick of the boat anglers this week was Mr Barstow who had phenomenal sport and caught 30 fish on hopper patterns.

Although plenty of fish are being safely returned to the water to fight another day weekly stocking still remains a priority this week with rainbows from 2lb to 6lb being put in so that all visiting anglers have the opportunity to catch these superb fighting fish.

Fish in the limit bags are averaging 21/2lb with 4lb fish common.

Most notable fish to date this season as follows:

David Hastie-Rainbow 19lb 8oz

Mick Watts- ditto 16lb 4oz

Robin Holt- ditto 15lb 2oz

Andy Babanowski ditto13lb 3oz

Edward Telfer ditto 12lb 01/2oz

45 anglers caught 187 rainbows and 16 browns with 104 rainbows and 10 browns returned safely

Best Areas:Boats- Sandbank Frontage,Mill Corner,Willow Bay.

Bank-Caravan Corner,Mill Corner,Lodge Frontage.

Best Patterns: Goldhead Hares Ear, GRHE, PTN, Hoppers, Diawl Bach, Buzzers.

Water Levels are well up from the recent rainfall with the lake nearly full-Weed growth minimal.

Prospects for the coming weeks is excellent for those fishing imitation patterns.

Boat Bookings: Paul 07788 426369