News from Rutland and Grafham Waters

Trout fishing

Rutland Water

Fish week 407 (season 23,730) Returns 141(6,399) Rod average 2.88(3.7)

This past week has been one of the best for big fish at Rutland Water for years. Numerous large specimens have been caught virtually every day. Geoff Allsop of Warsop, is no stranger to big fish at Rutland, having netted a 10lb 9oz Rainbow here back in 1984. Last week he landed a 6lb 15½oz Brown. Then on Sunday he caught the best Rainbow of the week at 8lb 6½oz. Geoff was boat fishing and it took 20 minutes to land this fantastic fish which eventually fell to one of Geoff’s black tadpoles.

Two Steves nearly weighed in fish of identical weight with Steve Winston of Wales netting a Rainbow of 7lb 10 3/8oz on a claret hopper and Steve Buck of Leicestershire hooking a 7lb 10¼oz fish on a cruncher. Dick Stephen of Hambleton, Oakham, recorded a North Arm 6lb 15oz Rainbow and local angler Jim Watts a 6lb 8oz Rainbow. All of these fish were in good quality bags.

The best tactics have been to fish off the boat or bank with floating midge tip lines with nymphs, dries or small floating fry, some in conjunction with a booby to suspend the flies in the margins. Fish are feeding heavily on sticklebacks, roach fry, corixa, snails etc.

Prospects are excellent with many areas worth fishing around the shoreline. There are fish out in the open water, with the bigger ones close in. Food is abundant with all the fry, Sticklebacks etc and there have been evenings with a decent buzzer hatch for the time of year. One or two Daddy Long Legs are also starting to show.

September is a very popular month and boats can often be fully booked. Please call the lodge to check for availability and book well in advance to avoid disappointment (telephone 01780 686441).

Grafham Water

Fish week 514(season 16,291) Returns 139(4,396) Rod average 3.69(3.70)

Highly respected fly fisherman Bob Church of Northampton writes about his recent experiences fly fishing for pike at Grafham Water. “My recent trip to Grafham was not for trout this time, but for Zander and Pike. Mike Green and I use specified deep sunk tackle for reaching the bottom. i.e. the fastest sinking fly line and flies 4 to 6 inches long.

“We had fished from a boat all morning then on the strike of noon I hooked into a big fish which I knew straight away was no zander. It was in fact a perfect specimen pike which was duly boated, but only after several long runs that took a full fly line and half of the backing off the reel.

“It weighed 22lb 8oz; and was quickly photographed and returned. I was over the moon and cast out again. My first pull of my retrieving hand and I hooked up with yet another big fish. I knew this time that it was a zander as I was getting the up and down fight from the bottom in a depth of 28 feet. It weighed 10lb 8oz. Eventually we got him in - this was also a perfect specimen. I wouldn’t mind betting that neither fish had ever seen a hook before. I have fished at Grafham since it opened in June 1966. It remains top of the pops for trout fishing, zander and pike.”

As well as anglers being able to fish Pike on the fly there are five boats available for pike anglers fishing lures and dead sea baits over 18cm mid week at both Rutland and Grafham from 3 September. At Pitsford Water this facility is available from May onwards.