Simon Green
Simon Green
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News from around the Anglian region

Grafham Water continues to fish well with the fish now in the margins feeding heavily on shrimps and also fry. Fish are out in the open water gorging themselves on daphnia.

The fishing around the margins is excellent for both bank and boat anglers alike with the bank anglers doing especially well from the Dam casting along it only a few yards out. The boat anglers are catching from Hedge End round all the North Shore points to the Dam and especially off the Willows. These anglers need to get in close and be fishing with either a floater, midge tip or slow glass with a small booby on the point and either diawl bachs and crunchers above it and with a steady retrieve.

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The past week on Pitsford Water has seen an explosion of bigger fish being taken and it is clear that they are now officially ‘on the fry’.

Holiday package anglers Messrs Mudie, Mudie, Kidd and Paszowski boat fished the weed beds around the Dam area and took a series of both Rainbows and Browns, the best being a Brown of 7lb 4oz to Michael Paszowski and a Rainbow of 6lb 3oz to Scott Mudie. They had several other fish over 5lb fishing fry patterns.

Stuart Crawford visiting from Vancouver reported Browns of 9lb and 5lb, both returned.

Geraldine Harris fished in Bog Bay and had a fine Rainbow of 5lb 8oz using a floating line and size 12 diawl bach

Best bank areas have been Gravels, Holly Bush and Duffers along to Bog Bay, with floaters and various fry and snail patterns. The boats have found the best sport in the main bowl and through the Narrows.

Best Rainbow 6lb 3oz taken by Scott Mudie.

Best Brown 7lb 4oz taken by Michael Paszowski.

Best boat areas Main Bowl, Narrows.

Best bank areas Gravells, Holly Bush

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Ravensthorpe continues to fish well.

The Last Chance Angling Club fished at Ravensthorpe on Saturday. Fishing various methods they all caught well. Mr Muckle and Mr Smith had 27 fish to the boat. Whilst N Muckle and C McGarth had 17, C Morley and S Muckle managed 13. Colin Morley also managed the best fish of the week – a cracking Rainbow of 7lb 10oz.

Mick Griffin held his Fur and Feather on Sunday. 22 Anglers fished this light hearted event and managed 60 fish. First place went to David Brady at 18lb 8oz, second place went to Pat Flynn with 12lb 4½oz and third place went to Roy Godger weighing in at 12lb 2oz.

Best Rainbow 7lb 10oz taken by Colin Morley.

Best boat areas Willow Bay, Island, Domes.

Best bank areas Dam, Platforms 4 and 5, 11 and 12.

Forthcoming events

Ravensthorpe Fur and Feather (boat) 4 November.

Pike fishing with lures and dead seafish over 18cm 8 October to 25 November.