Simon Green
Simon Green

Simon’s round-up of best fish, methods and areas


Fish week 575(season 29,239) Returns 240(8,726) Rod average 2.39 (3.35)

Dave Murray and Richard Hearth deliberated on where to fish last Wednesday. Their decision to opt for Rutland saw Dave landing both the best Brown and the best fish of the season at 9lb 10½oz. The pair set out to target fry feeders in the North Arm. Both anglers fished humungus boobies on di 3 lines whilst drifting. Dave, of Chislehurst, Kent, caught a superb 9lb 10½ Brown around the weedbeds in the North Arm between Armley Wood and North Arm Three Trees. Richard, from Oakham, landed a cracking 6lb 15oz Rainbow off the Finches Bank. The pair had fish mainly in the 3lb mark, using Di3 lines and booby humungus.

Best Rainbow 7lb 6oz taken by Paul Kirkup of Kibworth.

Best Brown 9lb 10½oz taken by David Murray of Chislehurst.

Best boat areas The Main Basin, middle of the North Arm, Old Hall Bay through to Yellowstone/Inmans Spinney

Best bank areas Old Hall, the Finches, Whitwell Creek, Normanton, East Creek.

Best methods Bank – Floating lines, fry patterns and nymphs and black tadpole.

Boat – As for bank but various lures, gold/silver tubes on various sinking lines.

Please note the Brown trout season ends on 29 October. Any Browns caught after this date must be returned safely to the water immediately.

Winter restrictions start on 1 November – no boats past the sailing limits.

Forthcoming events

Beginners course 3 November.

Boat fish for Pike at Rutland Water – mid week boats now available.

Plus pike fishing with lures and dead seafish over 18cm 8 October to 25 November.


Fish week 490 (season 16,384) Returns 266(4,715) Rod average 1.8(3.4)

Both boat and bank anglers are continuing to enjoy good sport at Pitsford. There are many fish in the 4-6lb bracket coming out with several over 6lb. Fry imitations are still the best method but more fish are now showing up with good numbers of corixa and daphnia in their stomachs. The fish are still in the margins and in the top three feet of water.

The best areas from the bank are North Farm, Stone Barn, Bog Bay and Gravels. Boat anglers should try any of the bays and points, fishing over the weedbeds.

Best Rainbow 6lb plus.

Best Brown 6lb plus.

Best boat areas Narrows, Pines, cliffs, Causeway to North Farm Bay.

Best bank areas Cliffs, Stone Barn Point, Rigbys, Pines.


Fish week 471 (season 21,503) Returns 144(5,908) Rod average 3.27 (3.63)

Grafham Water continues to fish well for both bank and boat anglers with a healthy rod average of 3.27. The biggest trout caught this week fell to season ticket holder Kevin Newsham from Hemingford Grey. Kevin caught a superb overwintered Rainbow of 7lb 10¼oz whilst bank fishing on the Dam. His method for this was a floating line with a shrimp pattern fished slowly very close to the margin.

Boat anglers have had a good week’s fishing with G and D Buoys, Deep Water Point, Dam and Rectory Bay all producing good consistent fishing. The main methods for the boat anglers have been floating or slow glass lines with shrimp patterns, GRHE, crunchers, diawl bachs, cats whiskers and minkies fished slowly, Di3 lines with gold and silver tubes have also produced good fishing at G and D Buoys.

The bank anglers have also had a good week’s fishing with once again the Dam being the best area, but also the Willows, G Bank and Deep Water Point have all started to produce consistent fishing. The main tactics for the bank anglers have been floating lines with shrimp patterns, GRHE, damsel nymphs and diawl bachs fished very slowly.

Best Rainbow 7lb 10¼oz taken by Kevin Newsham of

Hemingford Grey.

Best Brown 3lb 8oz taken by David Ogg of Acharacle Manse,


Best boat areas Dam, G and D Buoys, Willows, Deep Water

Point, Hedge End, Pylon Point

Best bank areas Entire Dam, Willows, G Bank, Deep Water Point.

Please note the Brown trout season ends on 29 October. Any Browns caught after this date must be returned safely to the water. As from 1 November the western end of the reservoir is out of bounds for all fishing (bank and boat). Please see wardens or shop staff if you are unsure of the restrictions.


Fish week 172 (season 9,086) Returns 62(1,989) Rod average 2.8(4.5)

The best fish of the week was an 11lb 2oz Rainbow taken by Andy Axon. Andy caught this superb Rainbow whilst fishing with Bob Church. He used a white and green lure on a sinking line whilst drifting from Mongers to the Dam near the island.

Best boat areas Island to Dam, Mongers, Coton End.

Best bank areas Dam, Platforms 4 and 5.

Best methods See report.

Mid week boat winner Michael Spencer of Duston.

Please note the Brown trout season ended on October 29. Any Browns caught after this date must be returned safely to the water.