Simon Green
Simon Green

News from Draycote Water and around the region

Bank fishing is available at Draycote Water, but only from the natural grassed banks. Bank anglers can take their cars around the reservoir but we are restricted to 30 bank anglers cars at anyone time, we recommend you call the lodge and book one of the 30 car passes available.

Finally the water clarity is clearing and the overall clarity is now good. This will hopefully set us up for a fish bonanza as the lake has not yet reached its true potential for this time of year. At times the fish have been high in the water and have often been feeding on buzzers off the surface. Pin fry are now in the boat harbour and fish have already started hoarding these up to the surface!

The Civil Service held their final match here on Draycote this last week, and 24 rods produced a 3.8 average. Match organiser Frazer Mcdonnel said it is the first time for as long as they can remember there has not been a blank in the final!

The bank is still producing some good catches. Holec landed 10 fish from the bank, and Mr Hancox landed 16. Buzzers have been doing well as have damsels.

The boats have had some varied catches this week. The occasional day with strong winds have hampered the preferred methods of many, buzzers. Tony Parker, a season ticket holder, landed 20 trout, 2 of which were over 5lb, the majority of which took the dry fly. Mr Hanlon recorded 4 fish for 14lb.John Worley stole the show with 8 fish, one of 8lb, 6.5lb and 5lb were amongst his 8 fish limit. He took the fish on the boils using an intermediate line and a black tadpole.

The biggest fish recorded this week was caught by Mr P Mann, a fish of 7.5lb. Plenty of foish between 3-4lb were also caught.


Saturday 13th July – Rio Boat Pairs Match – floating line only, international rules, fish with your partner. £25 entry PP. Win £1,000 Rio Tackle (rrp) 2nd prize £600 (rrp). Prizes to 10th place. Only seven boats left.

Lexus individual qualifying heat 27th & 28th July. Book your place in the final to win a lexus 4x4

August 10 – Draycote’s first £1,000 CASH PRIZE BOAT PAIRS MATCH. floating line only, any fly, £25 entry PP. YOU GET THE HEAVIEST COMBINED BAG WEIGHT, YOU WIN £1,000!

Draycote currently advise if you intend to fish from a boat that you book with a couple of days notice.(especially weekends) 01788 812018

Rutland Water

Rutland Water is maintaining an excellent rod average with 4.29 for the week. The best fish of the week went to Adrian Gorman, on holiday from Galway in the Republic of Ireland. Adrian took a superb Rainbow that turned the scales around to 6lb 2oz.

Anglers catching 5lb fish included Bob Church who fished last Thursday, although a storm cut Bob’s boat trip short, he netted a 5lb 6oz specimen from the Sailing Club. Others with similar sized fish were season ticket holders Jim Watts, from Ryhall, Oakham’s Geoff Wanless and Empingham’s Rich Cooper. Both Geoff and Rich took their fish during the Tuesday Night Boat League.

Many areas of the reservoir are producing fish, with the bottom of the arms slowly waking up after weeks of steady easterly winds keeping things quiet.

Various methods are working from floating lines with nymphs/buzzers and dry fly through to various sinking lines and lures for those who like pulling flies. A high percentage of fish are being recorded between 3 and 5lb.

Buzzer hatches are still occurring with fish feeding well on these along with snails, shrimp, daphnia and corixa. One or two olives are starting to show, and with sedge and this year’s pin fry not far away, there is no shortage of food available.

Grafham Water

The fishing at Grafham Water this week has slowed down due to the unsettled weather – most noticeably the changing wind direction. Bank anglers have enjoyed some success mainly by fishing floating lines with black buzzers, diawl bachs and gold ribbed hares ears. The most productive areas for the bank anglers this week have been South Dam, Marlow Stones and Deep Water Point.

Boat anglers have also had some success mainly by fishing floating or fast glass lines with black buzzers, pheasant tail nymphs, diawl bachs and damsel nymphs or blobs and boobies. The best areas for the boat anglers have been South Dam, Gaynes Cove, Seat, Valley Creek, Hill Farm, G Buoy and Deep Water Point.

Pitsford Water

Anglers have enjoyed another brilliant week’s fishing at Pitsford Water with a rod average of 4.1. The biggest fish of the week was a fine Rainbow of 8lb 4oz taken by season ticket holder Seumas Halliday of Northampton. David Keeble reported landing a Pike of over 15lb.

Fishing has been consistent over the whole reservoir with a variety of methods working. Graham Hutchinson had 8 fish from the bank at Holly Tree on floating fry/buzzers fished New Zealand style. James Hendris had 24 fish to 5lb while Mick O’Farrell and Grant Gibson had over 30 fish to wets.

There are now some huge hatches throughout the day and sedge and olive patterns are coming to the fore. Try daddy patterns as well as there are plenty of daddies showing if conditions are right.

The best areas are the Flats, Creek and Narrows from the boats and Gravels, Pines and Holly Tree for bank anglers.