Valuable team experience

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There were plenty of spectators at the Bretford circuit and even two children wanting to have a go at cycle speedway at the weekend.

Bretford hosted two Division 3 matches against East Park. In the first Bretford used three seven year olds, Scott Price, Charlie Bracken and Michael Dunn, who have never ridden in a team match before.

Bretford were out-muscled on their own track by a more experienced East Park. Ryan Dunn, who has only been riding for Bretford for eight weeks, showed how good he will be with more racing.

Jason Cleaver is now showing he can team ride in a meeting.

The first match was won by East Park 103 to 77. The very young Bretford side rode well and have gained experience of team competition.

Bretford: Niall Cleaver 15, Charlie Bracken 5, Jake Gray 11, Ryan Dunn 10, Jason Cleaver 12, Kyle Roberts 15, Scott Price 3, Michael Dunn 6.

East Park: Jamie Whetton 20, Josh Whetton 10, Brandon Whetton 19, Kay Whetton 14, Joe Guy 18, Lewis Beardsmore 7, Will Cartwright 9, Liam Cartwright 6.

n The second match was a much closure affair. Bretford fielded 12 different riders.

Joe Sears, who is seven and has only been riding a bike for a year, raced in his first ever match. Although Joe is new to the sport, his family are not. His grandfather rode for Bretford in the 1940s and his father had a dabble at the old Brandon cycle speedway circuit years ago.

Bretford’s firepower came from Lee Kemp beating adult Dave Meaningly on two occasions from the back. He was well supported by fellow team mates Dan Price, Kyle Roberts and Niall Cleaver. Dan Price, still only aged nine, showed his experience by drawing three of his five rides getting his partner through.

Matt Hanbidge was taken around the fence on several occasions by an East Park rider and was getting very frustrated. Until in his last heat he jumped out of the gate and won his first heat ever in a team race meeting.

By heat 11 the meeting was all square but East Park then used Jamie Whetton reserve in heat 12. Lee took Jamie wide but unfortunately brother Brandon Whetton got under with Niall Cleaver not taking full advantage of this manoever from his team mate. Niall Cleaver again has not done much team racing and will improve in the up and coming meetings.

East Park took advantage in Heat 13 and 14 getting 6-4s, then the rest of the heats were drawn. However, Heat 16 was very eventful with East Park on a 7-3 then Kyle Roberts nudging out Jamie Whetton to get his partner and him through to share the heat.

Score East Park 93 Bretford 87. Bretford in team racing have a bit to learn but everyone has to start somewhere. Well done to all involved.

Bretford: Lee Kemp 19, Jason Cleaver 7, Matt Hanbidge 12, Dan Price 13, Kyle Roberts 16, Ryan Dunn 7, Joe Sears 3, Niall Cleaver 10.

East Park: Dave Meanley 17, Lewis Beardsmore 7, Brandon Whetton 18, Liam Cartwright 3, Kay Whetton 11, Will Cartwright 13, Joe Guy 9, Jamie Whetton 15.