Whilton win for Webb

James Webb karting'June 30 2011
James Webb karting'June 30 2011
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Young karter James Webb won June’s Minimax meeting at Whilton Mill to go top of the championship.

He won heat one after starting on pole then was 14th on the grid for heat two. He pushed through the field, putting in the fastest lap and managed to finish third.

In the third heat James lost a bit of power and found it difficult to pass one driver, so could only manage to finish in 5th place.

Enough points had been gained in the heats to award James 2nd on the grid for the final. He shot into the lead only to lose out and drop back to second, three karts then broke away from the rest of the field.

The three drivers were nose to tail for 8 laps when James dropped down to 3rd. As the last lap board was shown James made his move and squeezed between first and second to win.

A great victory in very hot conditions.