ORIENTEERING: Octavian Droobers - have a go on Saturday

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Tuesday, 7th March 2017, 5:44 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:05 am


Despite the heavy rain and very muddy conditions many Octavian Droobers club members went to the Chillington Hall event organised by Walton Chasers Orienteering Club. On the long Brown 9.6km course with 110 metres of climb Chris McCartney M45 came 2nd in 82.41mins and David Leadley M50 was 10th in 95.44mins.

OD members dominated the Blue 6.6km course with some excellent times and there were seven runners in the top ten. Felix Lunn M16 won in 46.17mins, Tom Jeffries M45 was 2nd in 49.32mins and Oliver Lunn M16 3rd in 50.14mins. Oliver Flippance M16 was 6th in 52.40mins, Lesley Ross M50 7th in 54.22mins, Barry Elkington M60 8th in 54.55mins and Mike Snell M60 9th in 57.43mins. Returning after injury Sam Leadley M18 was 7th on the Green 4.7km course in 52.57mins.

Jacob Oxtoby M14 had a fast run round the 3.7km course, just pipping Nathan Chapple M14 into 2nd place in 39.54mins and Florence Lunn W14 was 3rd in 41.20mins, Pippa Smart W14 5th in 47.20, Leo Morgado M45 6th in 61.29mins and new club member Graeme Mulvaney M40 on a second run was 7th in 62.04mins.

Josie Smart W12 won the Orange 3.1km course in 42.06mins, Graeme Mulvaney M40 2nd in 46.23mins and Finley Flippance M12 3rd in 46.45mins and new club member Joanne Leigh W50 was 4th in 62.29mins. Henry Jeffries M10 easily won the White 1.9km course taking 19.08mins and Roger Hailey M80 was 4th in 35.19mins.

Octavian Droobers are leading the West Midlands League and after three events had 3687 points well ahead of Harlequins 3011 and Wrekin 2770.

Nathan Lawson M20 was 2nd on the longest Black 9.9km course with 390 metres of climb taking 75.12mins less than a minute behind the leader at the Yorkshire and Humberside Superleague event at Ilkley and Burley Moors.

Swansea Bay Orienteering Club organised the Welsh Championship Weekend and several club members competed at Merthyr Mawr Village. On Day 1 Duncan Birtwistle M21 was 7th in 61.44mins just ahead of Mateusz Podsiadly M21 8th 62.43mins on the long 8.8km Brown course. Alistair Landels M45 was 6th on,the Short Brown 7.5km course in 64.18mins. Anne Straube W40 was top woman on the Blue 6km course taking 62.14mins. Liz Phillips was 5th on the Short Blue 5km course in 57.04mins, Mike Hampton M70 4th on the Green 4km course in 51.52mins and Hilary Simpson top W75 on the short Green 3.2km course in 74.41mins. Young juniors Adam Landels M10 was 2nd on the Yellow 1.6km course and Max Straube-Roth M10 was 3rd in 48.53mins.

On the Short Distance event on Day 2 Alistair Landels M45 was the fastest club member on the 4km course with 120 metres of climb taking 30.48mins putting him in 12th position, Anne Straube W40 was 29th in 36.57mins and Bruce Bryant M60 30th in 37.07mins.

On Saturday morning (March 11) there will be a local event at the Memorial Park, Coventry to which all runners and walkers are invited to try out this outdoor adventure sport and help will be provided to all beginners. Alongside this event the club are holding a Schools Championships. Further details about these events are on the club website www.octavian-droobers.org or call (01926) 632189.