ORIENTEERING: Over 100 enjoy urban orienteering around Rugby

Octavian Droobers

Wednesday, 18th April 2018, 6:34 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th April 2018, 6:36 pm
David Leadley in Droobers' urban event, based around Whinfield Rec

It was a busy weekend for Octavian Droobers who travelled around the country to compete in town, city, woods and parkland in pursuit of British ranking points and experience on a wide variety of terrain.

Congratulations to Will Gardner M21 on being selected to represent Great Britain in the European Championships to be held in Ticino, Switzerland from May 5-13. He will compete in the middle distance and will be a reserve in the long distance championship events.

Over 100 participants, including several newcomers from around Rugby, competed at the West Midlands Urban League Rugby (East) event with courses encompassing Hillmorton streets and parks, starting and finishing in Whinfield Rec.

Benjamin Rauffet, Harlequins, was 1st on the Men’s Open 7.7km course finding all 28 controls in a time of 53.46mins, David Leadley was 2nd in 56.41 and Oliver Lunn 3rd in 60.24.

On the Women’s Open and Men’s Veteran courses, Harriet Lawson was 1st in 50.50 on the 6.4km course, Ian Hopkins, Wrekin, was 2nd in 51.39 and Mike Wheeler 3rd in 51.47.

On the Women’s Veteran and Men’s Super Vet 5.7km course Mike Snell was 1st in 42.08, Lesley Ross 2nd in 44.42 and Gordon Parker, South London, was 3rd in 45.11mins.

Ian Prowse, North Gloucester, was 1st on the Men’s Ultra Vet and Women’s Super Vet 4.6km course in 38.27, Paul Graetz, Potteries, 2nd in 40.30and Doug Dickinson, Derwent Valley 3rd in 41.39.

Sheila Carey was 1st in 36.09 on the Women’s Ultra Vet, Men’s Hyper Vet and Women’s Hyper Vet course 3.5km course. Robert Vickers, Harlequins, was 2nd in 44.31 and Caitlin Chafer, Leicestershire, 3rd in 47.25.

Men’s Junior and Womens Junior 4.4km course was won by Oliver Flippance in 27.04, Florence Lunn 2nd 41.11 and Eoin Hankinson 3rd in 45.14.

On the introductory 2.7km course for beginners and younger juniors, newcomer Karl Spencer was 1st in 38.45, William Newton was 2nd in 39.06 and Darcy Dunn 3rd in 39.25mins.

At Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, club members ran around the parklands of this National Trust property, organised by Derwent Valley Orienteers, and Joanne Leigh won the Orange 3.2km course in 31.53mins, John Middler was 9th on the Short Green 3.7km course in 37.58, Chris McCartney was 5th on the Blue 7.1km course in 46.36 and Lesley Ross was 10th in 49.14mins, the fastest woman on that course.

Liz Phillips was 2nd fastest woman on the 5.1km course at the Norwich City Urban event taking 54.16mins. Bruce Bryant was 10th on the 4.2km course in 42.02mins.

Summer season of Wednesday evening events: The first of the weekly summer evening events starts at a new venue, the National Herb Centre, Warmington, near Banbury, on Wednesday, April 25 with starts from 3pm for beginners and from 5pm - 6.30pm for more experienced orienteers.Come and try out this adventure sport, a bit like a treasure hunt, and explore the lovely grounds of the Herb Centre.

Full details are on www.octavian-droobers.org or call (01926) 632189.