ANGLING: By Simon Green

Simon Green
Simon Green

New fishery to open for summer

The latest Ben Jones Memorial silver fish contest took place last Sunday on the Marshes section of the Banks at Barby and results took a hit due to the sudden drop in temperatures .

The top three weights, separated by only ounces, came from around the back of the Marshes section and most found that the fish did not want ground bait and preferred loose fed pinkies. Most weights included a few skimmers.

The frame was made up as follows: 1. Carl Hulley 7-13; 2. Barry Carr 7-11; 3. Gil Corns 7-4.

Sections: 1-12 Rich Wills 6-5; 13-15 Clive Griffin 4-12.

# One or two catch up results now, starting with Rob Taylor’s silver fish match before Christmas which was held at Spring Pools on the bottom lake.

First was Dean Hancox with 21lb 8oz, all roach on pinkie and caster.

Second was Simon Potter with 20lb 3oz, roach on caster. Third was Rob Taylor with 15lb 12oz, roach on maggot.

# Rob Taylor’s silver match on the Tuesday after Christmas was held at Makins Lagoon.

First was Mick Chambers with 17lb 8oz, good size perch, roach and skimmers on caster and maggot.

Second was Rob Taylor with 16lb 2oz, all roach on maggot.

Third was Simon Potter with 15lb 11oz, roach and good size perch on pinkie.

# Rob Taylor’s latest Thursday match was held at Peatling Harrow.

First was Mick Chambers with 19lb 2oz, all F1’s on the far side on maggot.

Second was Gil Corns with 13lb 8oz, again F1’s to the island on bread and maggot.

Third was Rob Taylor with 10lb 6oz, F1’s down the side on maggot.

# Right, before I sign off for this week I have news of a new fishery that will be opening later in the year.

It is to be called Old Oak Farm Fishery and is based near to the Barby Moorings Marina.

It is currently being landscaped with a view to being opened in late May/early June and will feature two lakes both based around silver fish rather than the usual carp.

The first one is just over an acre in size with 20 pegs and is being stocked with bream to 4lb+, tench, rudd, crucians,roach and an odd carp up to 2lb.

The other lake is a smaller 10-peg lake which will be stocked with just tench, rudd and crucians!

There will be a fishing lodge on site for refreshments and there are also toilet facilities, which will please the increasing numbers of lady anglers out there.

There is also a good sized car park for visitors.

I will be taking a closer look(and hopefully wetting a line) at the fishery as soon as the landscaping is complete so I will publish some photos and give you more info when Ihave it.

For now anyone wanting to possibly book it for a match or for more information then please call George Bushell or Helen Haddon on 07816 878943.

That’s it for this week

Tight lines, Simon