ANGLING: Phil Porter wins memorial match as Nick Carter lands Lady of the Lake

Anglers at the Brian Smith Memorial Match at Old Oak Farm Fishery
Anglers at the Brian Smith Memorial Match at Old Oak Farm Fishery

First match in memory of Brian Smith at Old Oak Farm Fishery

The Jamesway Rugby Hospice Angling Group fished the first Brian Smith Memorial match on George and Helen’s Old Oak Farm Fishery in Barby Lane. Some 16 anglers took part on this very special match where Brian liked to fish this lake, on peg 2, over the last five years. He also helped to raise funds over the last eight years by taking round the collection boxes and doing raffles. He was also a water bailiff on the cement works at Stockton Quarries. The lads enjoyed their day out, although the fishing wasn’t up to its usual standard, owing to the nights getting much colder and putting the fish off their feed.

Nick Carter with the Lady of the Lake, a ghost carp.

Nick Carter with the Lady of the Lake, a ghost carp.

But some nice catches of carp came to the scales and the old man of the group Nick Carter, now in his 88th year, took the Lady of the Lake heaviest fish a beautiful ghost carp of 8lb 14oz. This is the first time this fish has been landed as it has been in the lake for over the last four years.

Also Brian was looking down on his other mate Alan Gautry, who picked his golden peg no.2 and received a bag of tackle worth over £50. The results of the match were: 1 Phil Porter, 29lb 4oz; 2 Alan Bolton, 23lb 12oz; 3 David Bolton, 23lb 2oz; 4 Paul Gregory 19lb 12oz; 5 Paul Yeoman 19lb 4oz; 6 Gerry O’Connor 18lb 3oz; 7 Nick Carter 15lb, 8 Aidy Prentice 12lb 10oz; 9 Ray Hurst 10lb; 10 Gareth Smith 7lb 4oz.

The blind pairs were Alan Bolton & Gerry O’Connor with 41lb 15oz, 2 Phil Porter and Gareth Smith 37lb 2oz, 3 Paul Yeoman and Nick Carter.

The next match will be the first silver fish match at Richard Bubb’s on Saturday, September 28. Weights from these first two matches will be added together with final on October 12.

Presentations of the cups will take place at Barby Sporting Club on the Fur & Feather match on December 21. Ring Nick Carter for details on 01788 330454.

The Jamesway Sea Angling Group visited Plymouth this weekend. Six members had a fantastic time with Nick’s old friends for over 50 years JJ McVicar and John Vincent on the boat Merlin. The group took some very good conger eels over 40lbs with some very large pout whiting over 3lbs. Terry Grundy and Rob Smith caught very good ling over 20lbs with good congers over the old submarine wreck on the east side of Plymouth. The group fished 179 feet of water over this wreck and some very good fish were lost at the side of the boat. A large eel hooked by Nick estimated over 80lb was also lost.

The party put four large boxes of fish in the market for John and JJ over the weekend and the lads also brought plenty home. They are all looking forward to the next trip.