ANGLING: Results round-up from Toft Lakes

Toft Lakes
Toft Lakes

More 200lb bags this week

The Open Match last Tuesday (September 17) was held on the carp lake Pegs 30-47. Colin Underhill won from peg 28 with 201lb 15oz. Second Dave Cleaver peg 36 with 160lb 4oz. Third Vinny Atkinson peg 30 with 132lb 3oz.

On Saturday Ray Krebs team fished the carp lake between pegs 37-47 It was a lovely warm sunny day with a breeze which picked up as the day went on. Fred the Roachman won with 125lb. Second Ray Krebs 107lb. Third place went to Tim McCrossan with 96lb.

Sunday and the Whitehart also fished the carp lake between pegs 30-55 and 1-6. The weather had turned damp and breezy and cooler. Mick Wheeler won from peg 2 with a great weight of 238lb. Second went to Dave Chapman on peg 41 with 152lb. Third peg 6 was Tom Newbury 134lb. Fourth Trevor Griffiths with 118lb from peg 44.

Also on Sunday, Bulkington fished the mixed lake between pegs 15 – 34 and 1-4.

A good match for the lake, and Mark Cowley won with 108lb 10oz peg 2. Kev Shaw second from peg 25 with 90lb 8oz. Third Ray Harris peg 29 with 63lb 3oz.

Mark took his catch mainly at 11 metres on expander pellet with a few short down the side.

Unfortunately Bob Woodley had a fish take his rod and reel from peg 34. If this should be found please hand it in to Mike at the fishery.