ANGLING: Season's carp lake record broken at Toft Lakes

Toft Lakes
Toft Lakes

Wayne Sharman sets new best weight of 345lb

On Sunday, July 14th Banbury Cross fished the carp lake between pegs 37 and 51. It was a full lake with three matches taking up some 50 plus pegs.

Dave Smart won from peg 40 with 123lb. R.Bassett second on peg 38 with 108lb. Third place went to Pete Upton on peg 46 with 104lb.

Tuesday 16th July the Toft Open match took place on the mixed lake. A smaller turnout than usual, but the weights were good for the lake. Vinnie Atkinson won with 113lb 2oz from peg 26. Martin Paynter second on peg 30 with 90lb 12oz. Third Pete Addison with 67lb 2oz.

Wednesday 17th July, Tom Griffiths team fished their usual pegs on the carp lake. The morning proved hard, but the last two hours of the match came to life. First was Trev Griffiths peg 5 with 157lb 5oz. Second peg 3, Glen Tilson with 151lb 7oz. Third place went to Jeff Wiggins on peg 7 with 127lb 13oz.. Fourth Tom Griffiths with 93lb 10oz.

Sunday July 21st, 2 matche were held on the mixed lake. Flore managed 42lb by Terry Smith peg 4 . Second steve Smith peg 2 with 35lb. Third Fred Johnson peg 10 with 24lb. Spring Street did better with Martin Paynter weighing in 121lb peg 15, Nathan Grainger 61lb peg 23 and C.Grainger 48lb peg 25.

Mill Pool fished the carp lake pegs 32-55 and 1-8. Wayne Sharman took the season's best weight with a great weight of 345lb from peg 42. Second Nicholls peg 38 with 185lb and Cliff Skyrme peg 37 with 181lb.

Saturday July 6th saw the Toft Series fish their usual pegs on the carp lake. A total of 17 anglers. The weather had turned cooler and cloudy . However that seemed to help weights with Chris Horsley winning on peg 44 with 200lb 13oz. Martin Paynter was second, fishing an open water peg 8 with 162lb 8oz. Third went to Shaun Greenfield on peg 53 with 150lb 14oz.

Sunday July 7th, there were 3 matches on the carp lake, which accounted for almost every 55 pegs.

The Glebe a.c. fished pegs 19-35 and found it hard going. Vince won on peg 29 with 60lb. Second was Paul peg 19 with 59lb, and third went to Alan peg 30 with 57lb 13oz.

Spring Street fished the opposite pegs from 6-18. Martin Paynter drew the same peg as he had on the previous day Open match, peg 8 to win with 84lb 14oz. C.Grainger second peg 13 with 47lb 12oz. Third Jim Tanser peg 10 with 39lb 12oz.

Brookvale AC fished the island pegs 37-55 and 1-3, and did better. Glynn Edmunds won on peg 41 with 91lb 10oz. Jean Brennan second peg 49 with 80lb 10oz. Third went to John Cooksey peg 1 with 66lb 13oz.

The Open match took place on Thursday 9th July on pegs 27-47. It was a warm humid still day with lots of fish cruising just below the surface. Mark Aston won with 144lb from peg 35. Second place went to Terry with 120lb on peg 34. Third was Simon Potter peg 38 with 96lb. Fourth Dave Smart with 90lb on peg 37.

Saturday 13th July and it was a cloudier, still day , but dry. Two matches fished the carp lake. The island pegs 37-55 and 1-3 were fished by Pot Black who had travelled from Lowestoft for their annual match with us. First place was Perry Darleston peg 52 with 192lb. Second peg 45 Kierren Waters with 142lb. Third peg 41 Paul Chilvers with 130lb.

The other match , Elephant and Castle, fished open water pegs 13 – 35. The season's top weight at that time went to Ben Lockwood on peg 18 with 238lb. Second Dave Orrill peg 23 with 170lb. Third Mick Smith peg 17 with 124lb. This just shows that the open water can produce some great weights, beating the island pegs, on the day.

Reindeer fished the mixed lake , pegs 33, 34 and 1-14. Edgar Soloman won with 42lb on peg 14, second Darren Dyer peg 3 with 36lb and third went to John Dyer peg 13 with 29lb.

Mike Hinks