BALL HOCKEY: Rugby Rockets

Rugby Rockets
Rugby Rockets

Runners-up in their first tournament of the year

Rugby Rockets took part in their first Ball Hockey Tournament of the year in Rotherham Simply Skate Arena on last Saturday.

The sport is based on ice hockey, but played without ice and with a ball instead of a puck. It was their first official appearance in Autumn Tier 2 BHUK and they finished in second place out of the 12 teams.

On their way to the championship final, where they lost 3-2 to Durham Ninjas, they beat Northumbria Sharks 4-0 in the quarter-final and South Notts Outlaws 3-2 in their semi.

The Rockets are a young team, who have been playing together since February 2015. Their next event will be Winter Tier 2 in Lutterworth on March 27.