BOWLS: Catching up with all the RBA Friendship Cup results

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By Keith Oakes

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me, so lack of time prevented me from keeping you up to date on RBA Friendship Cup matches, writes Keith Oakes.

Starting with June 14, all three matches were very close in both rinks and shots, but not overall points. Bilton won 2 rinks, drew 1 with 66 shots and 11 points to Rugby Club’s 63 shots and 3 points.

Rugby Railway also won 2 rinks and 1 draw but could only manage to score 75 shots to the Grange’s 78 shots giving them the win and 9 points the Rail’s 5 points. Thornfield travelled to Oakfield where they just managed to pip the home side by 7 shots, gaining 10 points. It was 2 rinks apiece, but Thornfield scored 74 shots to Oakfield’s 67 shots.

The following Thursday, June 21, Oakfield didn’t find their form when they played at the Grange, going down on all 4 rinks and only scoring 41 shots. The Grange came out of this match with 88 shots and all 14 points. Rugby Railway faired better this week at Rugby Club taking 3 rinks to 1 but scoring only 1 shot more overall, 70 to 69 giving Rail 12 points to 2. Bilton kept up their winning ways also with a 3 rink to 1 win over Thornfield. Shots scored, Bilton 78 and 12 points to Thornfield’s 70 shots and 2 points.

Up to date now with Thursday, June 28. Two maximum wins on the trot for the Grange prevent Bilton from recording their 4th win out of 4 matches (1 still to play). Winning all 4 rinks and scoring 84 shots to Bilton 42 shots, the Grange take all 14 points. Thornfield regained some of their form with a win at home by just 2 shots, winning 2 rinks scoring 70 shots and 10 points to Rugby Club’s 68 shots and 4 points.

Oakfield reformed themselves after their heavy defeat the week before and took vengeance on the Rail by winning 3 rinks to 1 rink with 73 shots and 12 points to the Rail’s 64 shots and 2 points.