BOWLS: County ladies defeated by Derbyshire

President Joy Cooke presents a blazer badge to Pippa Mace
President Joy Cooke presents a blazer badge to Pippa Mace

By Jenny Corn

Whilst Warwickshire was drowned in thunderstorms, the County bowlers went to Derbyshire and enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Derby, but whilst the sun might have come out it was a cloudy finish for the visitors as they lost by 109-132.

Highest winning rink went to Jenny Corn with Chris Ward (both Lillington), Di Wilkinson and Chris Roberts (both Stoke) who were fairly evenly matched to start, but 5 shots on the 7th end gave them the encouragement they needed and they went on to win 22-17.

Sue Hornsby with Pippa Mace (both Lillington), Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) and Debbie Bloxham (Stratford) set of at a pace and were 9-3 up at 6 ends before their opponents decided enough was enough and almost drew level by the 10th end. The visitors then went away and although they finished with the same score as the highest winning rink they lost highest winning rink prize on the number of ends won.

Close behind was Maureen Edwards with Pat Lowe, Yvonne Bromfield (all Rugby Thornfield) and Pat Dahlgren (Bilton) who were trailing to start but steadily pulled back but not enough and finished 16-22.

Chris Cooke (Southam) with Jayne Henfrey (Lillington), Di Medhurst and Helen Harris (both Stoke) also struggled at the start but managed to overtake the home team to hold 21-19 on the 20th end but just couldn’t quite retain their lead losing by just one shot 21-22.

Rosemarie Geden (Southam) with Hazel Goodman (Lillington), Mo Yeomans (Blossomfield), and Liz Westell (Welford) were 5 all at 6 ends but that’s where they stayed until the 15th end when they picked up three shots and the 17th where a 6 shot win certainly helped their chances but it wasn’t to be and their opponents finished strongly and the score ended 15-27.

Pat Moore (Three Spires) with Pat Harvey (Lillington), Dawn Horne and Donna Kerr (both RLS) were up against the former International skip Jean Baker, and although they kept pace for most of the first half of the game the second half was a different story and they had to concede 13-27.

After an excellent buffet provided by Derby West End BC, President Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) was delighted to present a Blazer Badge to Pippa Mace (Lillington).