BOWLS: County ladies turn the tables to beat Bedfordshire

Warwickshire's highest winning rink Helen Harris, Pat Gagg, Hazel Goodman and Jenny Corn
Warwickshire's highest winning rink Helen Harris, Pat Gagg, Hazel Goodman and Jenny Corn

By Jenny Corn

It may seem a long way to go, but one thing is for certain, Warwickshire are always made very welcome when they go to Bedfordshire - and this year was no exception, writes Jenny Corn.

With Bedfordshire 11 shots in the lead at 18 ends it looked like an easy ride for the home team, but Warwickshire certainly pulled out all the stops and were able turn the tables to come away with a win 108-101.

Highest winning rink went to Jenny Corn with Hazel Goodman, Pat Gagg (all Lillington) and Helen Harris (Stoke) who were fairly evenly matched until the second half of the game when they were able to pull away and finish 27-12.

Debbie Bloxham (Stratford) with Heather Tredgold (Southam), Dawn Horne and Donna Kerr (both RLS) were level 10 all at 12 ends but a sudden spurt over the next few ends gave them the impetus they needed to win 22-12.

Gill Maund (Sherwood Park), with Pat Harvey (Lillington), Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford)/Mo Yeomans (Blossomfield) and Ros Taylor (Avenue Coventry) were also level 10 all at 12 ends and just managed to keep one shot ahead at the finish to win 17-16.

Chris Cooke (Southam) with Sharon Keal (Snitterfield), Margaret Stephens (Lillington) and Jean Williams (Stratford) weren’t so fortunate and whilst they were 9 all at 12 ends they eventually lost by just the one shot 18-19.

Sue Hornsby (Lillington) with County President, Joy Cooke (Blossomfield), Mary Wheildon (Warwick Boat Club) and Elaine Taylor (Stoke) struggled to start and were trailing 5-14 at 12 ends and although they managed to win 7 of the remaining 9 ends it was insufficient to give them a win and they lost by just four shots 13-17.

Maureen Edwards with Christine Harding (both Rugby Thornfield), Chris Ward (Lillington) and Rosemarie Geden (Southam) were under pressure from the start and eventually lost 11-25.

County President, Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) was delighted to finish the day not only with a win but also presenting a Colt Badge to Mary Wheildon (Warwick Boat Club).