BOWLS: Final friendly for county ladies

Highest winning rink Jenny Corn, Gill Maund, Jean Hagues, Kirsty Richards
Highest winning rink Jenny Corn, Gill Maund, Jean Hagues, Kirsty Richards

Win over Bedfordshire

Warwickshire Ladies

The last County friendly of the season was against Bedfordshire and took place at Rugby Thornfield without a drop of rain.

Warwickshire took the honours with a resounding 155-85 win, writes Jenny Corn.

Highest winning rink went to Jenny Corn (Lillington) with Kirsty Richards (Bournville), Jean Hagues (Rugby Ladies) and Gill Maund (Sherwood Park) who set off at a pace and eventually won 42-8.

Sometimes a game just goes your way and nothing the opposition can do will work for them, this was such an occasion.

Sue Hornsby (Lillington) with June Austin (Three Spires), Chris Roberts (Stoke) and Rosemarie Geden (Southam) stormed ahead for a 35-8 win.

Maureen Tims (Whitnash) with Antoinette Lambert (Ambleside), Mo Yeomans (Blossomfield) and Liz Westell (Welford) started slowly and were trailing 4-10 at 10 ends, but the second half of the game was a different story and a complete turnaround as they only allowed their opponents a further two shots and raced home to win 30-12.

Jacqui Cook with Di Thurlbeck (both Lillington), Brenda Carlton (Three Spires) and Terri Hitchcox (Rugby Ladies) were fairly evenly matched with their opposition and level pegging 5 all at 8 ends, but 4 shots on the 10th end gave their opponents a spurt and it was only 7 shots on the 16th that pulled them back into the game and enabled them to win by just one shot 21-20.

Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford) with Heather Mills (Grange Ladies), Di Wilkinson (Stoke) and Chris Ward (Lillington) started well and the first half was certainly in their favour as they led 10-6 on 10 ends, but the second half was dominated by their opponents and they only managed a further four shots eventually losing 14-17.

Pat Bax (Rugby Ladies) with Janet Pooler (Stoke), June Millward and Pat Moore (Three Spires) were fairly evenly matched but their opponents were the stronger over the last quarter of the game to leave the home team trailing 13-20.