BOWLS: First games of the season for county ladies

Winning rink against Wiltshire - Mo Yeomans, Joy Cooke, Di Thurlbeck and Jenny Corn
Winning rink against Wiltshire - Mo Yeomans, Joy Cooke, Di Thurlbeck and Jenny Corn

By Jenny Corn

Wiltshire Wilts at Highworth

Winning rink against Northants - Carole Simmons, Pat Moore, Margaret Grosvenor and Donna Kerr

Winning rink against Northants - Carole Simmons, Pat Moore, Margaret Grosvenor and Donna Kerr

It was the first County match of the season, one of the few times we have started with a sunny day, and for Warwickshire it continued in that vein with a 135-91 win.

President, Joy Cooke, with Mo Yeomans (both Blossomfield), Di Thurlbeck and Jenny Corn (both Lillington) led the charge by securing the highest winning rink prize with a 30-8 win.

Jean Williams (Stratford) with Margaret Stephens (Lillington), Chris Harrison (Ambleside) and Chris Roberts (Stoke) came in a close second with a 30-13 win.

Maureen Edwards with Christine Harding (both Rugby Thornfield), Carole Cox (Snitterfield) and Jean Veart (Nuneaton) also proved too strong for their opponents finishing 27-14.

Helen Harris (Stoke) with Dawn Horne (RLS), Heather Tredgold (Southam) and Ros Taylor (Avenue Coventry) had a steady game and although they pulled ahead strongly leading 17-7 at thirteen ends, their opponents weren’t giving up and pulled back to close the gap with a final score of 20-17 to the visitors.

Pat Gagg with Chris Ward (both Lillington), Margaret Boldy (Avon) and Liz Westell (Welford) had a hard fight to keep up with their opponents and were trailing 6-12 on the 14th end, but 2 shots on the 15th end gave them the necessary encouragement and they eventually pulled back to finish with a draw 16-16.

Chris Cooke with Velisa Brown (both Southam), Vanessa Brazier (Rugby Railway) and Donna Kerr (RLS) weren’t so fortunate eventually losing 12-23.

President Joy was delighted to finish the day by awarding Blazer Badges to Velisa Brown (Southam) and Ros Taylor (Avenue Coventry).

No Wellies at Wellingborough

With rain falling and thunderstorms threatened a wet afternoon was anticipated, but fortunately the weather improved as the Warwickshire ladies journeyed south for the first Middle England League game and the sun even came out to reward their efforts. However, the end result was a win to Northamptonshire 104-116 enabling them to pick up 11 points to Warwickshire’s 6 for their three winning rinks.

Highest winning rink went to Pat Moore (Three Spires) with Margaret Grosvenor (Lillington), Donna Kerr (RLS), and Carole Simmons (Welford) who started well with 5 shots on the first end and although their opponents fought hard to keep up and were only one shot adrift at 13-12 on the 15th end, 8 shots to the visitors on the 16th followed by a further 5 on the 18th sealed the situation and they finished 26-21.

President, Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) with Jacqui Cook, Pat Gagg and Jenny Corn (all Lillington) were only one shot away from highest winning rink as they fought to keep ahead of their opponents and were lying 10 all at 15 ends. But 4 shots on the 18th helped their cause and they went on to win 19-15.

Chris Cooke with Rosemarie Geden (both Southam), Lynne Innes (Stratford) and Liz Westell (Welford) after a strong start were 12 all at 16 ends, managing to just pip their opponents at the post by one shot to give the team another 2 points for a winning rink.

Maureen Edwards with Sigrid Thomas (both Rugby Thornfield), Liz Crispin (Wolvey) and Helen Harris (Stoke) were fairly evenly matched and were 14 all at 18 ends, but a strong finish by their opponents left them 3 points adrift at 15-18.

Moira Parsons with Wendy Holloway (both Welford), Liz Wooding (Avenue Coventry) and Trish Jarvis (Wolvey) were under pressure from the start but pulled back half way through the game to lead 12-10 before their opponents put on a strong finish to leave the visitors trailing 14-18.

Sue Hornsby (Lillington) with Sharon Keal (Snitterfield), Linda Linney and Debbie Bloxham (both Stratford) were up against a strong team and although they kept pace with them until the 12th end when they were 10 all a 6 for their opponents on the 13th sealed their fate and they eventually finished 14-29.