BOWLS: Oakfield trio win Len Taylor Triples

Len Taylor winners Oakfield's Peter Winn, Matt Lever and David Winn
Len Taylor winners Oakfield's Peter Winn, Matt Lever and David Winn

Rugby Bowls Association round-up, by Keith Oakes

Rugby Bowls Association

The season of outdoor bowling started in April with all Rugby bowling clubs enjoying some good weather to play their various National, County and club matches and competitions.

The RBA have played a number of representative matches against teams from other counties with a selection of Rugby bowlers as well as staging 3 major competitions and are currently in the middle of their local individual and pairs competitions.

The Finch Cup was the first to be held in May with three venues operating a 21-end game for 10 teams at each and the winner was Rugby BC with Bilton BC a close second losing out on shots difference.

Over a period of 10 weeks, the Friendship Cup is played for by six teams on a league basis, home and away. Rugby Railway Club and Thornfield OBC both won six matches but the RRC won more rinks and they had a greater shots difference ending with 92 points to Thornfield 74 points.

On Sunday morning, (August 21), the Len Taylor 2 Wood Triples competition took place involving two venues each with ten teams playing a Round Robin, four rounds of eight ends and the top four teams from each venue would then play later at the Grange BC.

In the afternoon the competition would be a straight knock-out decided by playing 10 ends in each round. The quarter-final round draw was made, Rugby Rail 2 (6 shots) v Oakfield 1 (13 shots); Grange 1 (6 shots) v Bilton 1 (11 shots); Thornfield 2 (6 shots) v Rugby 1 (8 shots) and Rugby Rail 1 (17 shots) v RBA (2 shots).

The semi-final saw Rugby 1 (6 shots) play Bilton 1 (9 shots) and Rugby Rail 1 (7 shots) play Oakfield 1 (9 shots) leaving Warren Cox’s trio playing P Winn’s trio in the final. The contest was hard fought and due to the match being only 10 ends, each player had to be sure that each shot counted.

Peter Winn (Lead), David Winn (in place of Martin Winn) and skip, Matt Lever took the title by 8 shots to 7. Peter and Matt won this trophy in 2015 with Martin but suffered an arm injury which prevented him from bowling at all this season.

According to my information there have been many winners of this trophy by bowlers representing a number of clubs, but I think Matt is the only one to have been lead, second and skip on different occasions.

Keith Oakes