BOWLS: Rail on track for third consecutive title in Friendship Cup


Rugby Bowling Association

The Friendship Cup continued into week 7 and although they have yet to play their postponed game, the Rail played their reverse fixture at Bilton and collected 12 points with a 3 rink to 1 win and a massive 106 shots to Bilton’s 52 shots putting them at the top of the table with 57 league points and a shot difference of 101.

Rugby Club had another 11 points to 3 win again, this week against Oakfield, taking revenge for their defeat earlier in the season at Oakfield. This was a closer game than the first fixture with Rugby Club winning 2 rinks to 1 rinks and a draw achieving 82 shots to 58 shots for Oakfield.

Week 8, July 19th, Rugby Club made it three wins on the trot and again reversed the outcome from their first encounter with Bilton by sharing the rink wins but scoring more shots, 74 to 58 takeing the overall win and 10 points to 4.

Always all way’s a tough battle, Thornfield at home playing Oakfield, and as in their first fixture, a close game ensued. 2 rink wins and a draw with 79 shots over 64 shots gave Thornfield 11 points to Oakfield’s 3 points.

At the end of week 8, Oakfield & Rugby Club have played their eight games gaining 39 & 53 points respectively, Thornfield and Bilton have one game in hand with 47 and 52 points respectively and the Grange and Rail each with two games in hand have 46 and 57 points respectively.

All to play for but it seems that Rugby Railway may be onto their third consecutive title unless a derailment becomes imminent.