BOWLS: Rain doesn’t stop play in county finals!

Soggy action from the triples, which the Thornfield trio went on to win 16-11
Soggy action from the triples, which the Thornfield trio went on to win 16-11

By Jenny Corn

Pictures by Dave Print and Carol Norton

Jamie-Lea watches Moira Parsons in the championship singles

Jamie-Lea watches Moira Parsons in the championship singles

It may have been more like winter than summer, but despite this the County Ladies agreed to weather the storm and took to the green to play their Finals.

County President, Chris Richards, was there to welcome everyone on to the green and needless to say her club, Lillington, certainly did the players and spectators proud.

The day started amazingly and briefly in the dry with the Triples . The Rugby Thornfield team, skipped by Maureen Edwards with Sigrid Thomas and Jamie-Lea Winch, started strongly, to be 5-1 up at 5 ends. However, the Welford team – skipped by Moira Parsons, with Wendy Holloway and Liz Westell soon got their act together and was leading by the 10th end 6-9. They were fairly evenly matched after that until the 15th end when 4 shots for Rugby Thornfield gave them the encouragement they needed as they went on to win 16-11.

By the time the Triples had finished the weather had set in and there was no avoiding the prospect of playing in the rain for everyone else, starting with the Unbadged Singles between Liz Crowther (Lillington) and Jean Williams (Stratford) who started well, eventually winning 21-12.

The Under 25 Singles was played between Hannah Smith (Avenue Leamington) and Jamie-Lea Winch (Rugby Thornfield) and despite her international status Jamie wasn’t going to have it all her own way and they were level pegging on the 11th end 9 all - but Jamie then moved up a gear to win 21-13.

The Champion of Champions competition saw Heather Mills (Grange Ladies) challenging Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford) and although Heather started slowly she picked up 4 shots on the 5th end to go into the lead 6-5 and they levelled 11 all on the 13th end, but Liz then proved the more tenacious as she managed to pull ahead to win 21-13.

The 2 wood Singles, which is played over 21 ends, was between Lynne Houghton (Avenue Leamington) and Jenny Corn (Lillington) who set off strongly and despite a determined effort by Lynn managed to win 15-5.

Moira Parsons (Welford), who had reached five County finals, was to play International, Jamie-Lea Winch (Rugby Thornfield) in the Championship 4 Wood Singles. They were fairly evenly matched for most of the game and certainly had some brilliant heads in spite of the weather, but it was Jamie who eventually took this coveted trophy 21-11.

Lillington again featured in the Benevolent Triples - Pat Gagg skipped the team with Hazel Goodman and Ann Doherty who started strongly against their Stoke opponents skipped by Elaine Taylor with Janet Pooler and Aleen Shuttleworth. Although the Stoke team pulled back and were only adrift by one shot 7-8 by the 10th end, Lillington dug their heels in to win 15-9.

By this time the weather was winning and it was decided to abandon the other finals until the following day when the Top Club teams would face each other.

Top Club County Final

Having dried out from the Friday, County President, Chris Richards, was again at Lillington Bowling Club to welcome everyone and especially the Top Club Final teams, Stoke and Welford, to a somewhat better day, and what proved to be a very exciting finish to this competition with Stoke taking the Pairs and Fours and Welford winning the Singles and Triples by an extra 5 shots to give them the trophy.

Moira Parsons (Welford) and Judy Waite (Stoke) played the singles and although Judy had some really good heads Moira’s experience enabled her to play shots which gave her the advantage to eventually win 21-7.

The Welford triples, Carole Simmons with C Rathbone and Anne Evans faced Chris Roberts with Janet Kitchener and Janet Jones and were able to hold on to a lead throughout in spite of a concerted effort by the Stoke team and won 19-7.

The Stoke pairs skipped by Di Wilkinson with Di Medhurst struggled to start and were 1-8 down at 4 ends, but 5 shots on the 8th and 6 on the 12th pulled them ahead of their opponents Barbara Mumford and Lilian Hope, and they went on to win 30-15.

The Stoke fours skipped by Aleen Shuttleworth, with Janet Pooler, Carol Norton and Helen Harris started well and stormed ahead to a 12-0 lead at 5 ends before their opponents, Liz Westell, Mary Adams, Wendy Holloway and Ann Webb got on the scoreboard but despite losing 5 shots on the 14th end the Stoke team wasn’t to be out done and finished 23-17.

The other match to be played on the Saturday was the Fours - Welford v Whitnash but unfortunately, due to illness on the green, Maureen Tims and her team had to concede after just 10 ends.