BOWLS: Rugby Club go top in Friendship Cup, while Rail wait in the sidings

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Rugby Bowling Association round-up by Keith Oakes

In their final game of the Friendship Cup, Rugby Club recorded a fifth win on the trot, keeping them at the top of the league table by taking all rinks and 14 points with shots of 101 to 57 at the expense of Thornfield BC, who themselves were trying to better their position of runners-up for the last two seasons.

Railway gave way (and remained in the sidings for the moment) to a determined Oakfield, losing overall by 2 shots. With 2 rinks apiece, Rail scored 72 while Oakfield scored 74 shots thus giving them 10 points and taking them off bottom position in the table.

Bilton BC visited the Grange for their final encounter of the season, needing a win to keep them from a possible bottom place in the table, but they could only manage to win 1 rink and 1 draw, scoring 50 shots and gaining 3 points. The Grange did their campaign a lot of good with this win of 11 points from 2 rinks and 1 draw scoring 89 shots, it keeps their chances of the league title very much alive, but it will be hard going.

All being well, hopefully the penultimate league game between the Grange and Thornfield (postponed game) will take place at the Grange on Thursday, August 9. Thornfield will be hoping to do the ‘double’ on the Grange with a win as points scored will keep them above Oakfield & Bilton in the final table. The Grange on the other hand would need another good win here, together with a good win on the following Friday (August 17) when they play their other postponed game against the Rail.

A draw or win for Rugby Railway will give them the league title for the third season running, but will they leave the ‘sidings’ with gusto or caution as there is still a possibility of scraping through with a loss. Another scenario (I could go on) could be that if Thornfield take 14 points from the Grange and the Rail only take 4 points (if only 3 or less it’s over) it could go to shots difference with Rugby Club. Watch the space, next week may reveal all.

The annual RBA Len Taylor 2 Wood Triples Gala will take place at Rugby Club (Bilton Road) on Sunday, August 12 starting at 9am. There are 24 teams of triples drawn into 2 Groups who play 4 games of 7 ends. There will be 6 Rinks in use, starting with Group 1 and then alternating with Group 2 and so on every 50 minutes (hopefully). Whilst each Group is playing, the others will have a rest period. The winner of each Group will play a final to determine the overall winner and runner-up.

If you have not entered or do not play bowls, come along and watch, make a day of it, I am sure Rugby Club will make you welcome.

The Rugby Bowling Association team travelled to Nuneaton Bowls Club in Higham Lane on a very sunny and hot afternoon on Sunday, August 5. Bowling at their best, the RBA won 5 rinks to Nuneaton’s 1 and with a shots score of 142 to 90, it was an over whelming win for the visitors.

Claiming top rink for the RBA wasn’t as clear cut as first thought so President Doug Anderson had to make an executive decision. After calculating the ‘count back’ it was deemed that his rink of Dave Knee, Ian Kendall and Doug Anderson, all from the Grange and Roy Foster from Rugby Club would take the honours on this occasion.

The next outing for the RBA will be at the Grange on August 19 at 2pm against a formidable Royal Household team.