BOWLS: Rugby Railway are 2019 Finch Cup champions


Rugby Bowling Association round-up

The first of RBA’s competitions got underway with the Finch Cup played at Rugby Thornfield Outdoor BC on Thursday, May 23. There were eight teams taking part, sub-divided into three separate rinks of four bowlers and each one played their game on a neutral ground at four different venues, Thornfield, Bilton, Grange and Rugby Railway. A sunny evening gave all the greens the best to be offered and some high scoring took place as was evident when all the results were offered for calculating the results.

Whilst waiting for all the score cards to be returned to calculate the results, there was a good gathering of bowlers enjoying a drink or two with plenty of discussion on the evening’s bowling.

With all the scores calculated and double checked, the winners of the 2019 Finch Cup trophy were Rugby Railway BC ‘B’ and the runners-up were Rugby Thornfield BC. Many thanks to all who played and spectators but especially to the officials at the venues, Sandra Harrison, Vanessa Brazier, Doug Anderson and Bill Brown.

Keith Oakes

The Rugby Bowling Association (RBA) played host to a North Yorkshire touring team at the Rugby Railway Club on Tuesday, May 28. The touring side clearly saw the social aspects as important as the bowls. The match consisted of five mixed rinks on each side.

The RBA won by 4 rinks to 1 and by an overall shot score of 85 to 62. The highest winning rink went to four Rugby Thornfield Bowlers, Claire Oakes, Clive Hands, Bill Simpson and Tony Hoffman. The other RBA winning skips were Peter Dymond (Grange), Allan Hockin (Rugby Railway) and Sue Dean (Oakfield).

The next RBA match is on Sunday, June 9 at the Grange, where they will welcome South Warwickshire.

Tony Hoffman RBA President