BOWLS: The chase is on after latest rounds of Friendship Cup

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Rail have commanding lead, but other teams quite capable of catching them

Eagle eyed readers would have noticed in the Advertiser a couple of weeks ago that the team losing their first Friendship Cup game should have read, Rugby Railway.

Week 6 saw the return matches, where Thornfield, who in the first game narrowly lost to the Rail, this time only took one rink so the Rail with 3 rinks, 87 shots (12 pts) to Thornfield’s 1 rink, 58 shots (2pts), they increase their league points total.

Rugby Club had a similar win with 3 rinks, 72 shots (12 pts) over the Grange, 1 rink, 64 shots (2 pts), an exact reversal of their first game.

Oakfield’s defeat of the league leaders last week could not be repeated in their encounter at Bawnmore Road. Bilton won 2 rinks and drew 1, 67 shots (11 pts) whilst Oakfield 1 win, 1 draw, 63 shots (3 pts).

Week 7’s matches last Thursday were amicably postponed between clubs due to the passing of Trevor Wells (Rugby Club) where many bowlers attended his funeral that took place that day.

Although these postponed matches are most likely to be played on August 10, Bilton and Rugby Rail played their match on Wednesday, July 12.

Rugby Rail came away with the win, 82 shots (10 pts) to Bilton, 63 shots (4pts). Rail are now in a commanding lead with 73 league points but only have three matches to play the same as Bilton, but four teams have four matches and all are quite capable of catching the leaders. The chase is on.

Keith Oakes