BOWLS: The week’s RBA round-up

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By Keith Oakes

Only two Friendship Cup matches were played last week, Oakfield v Rugby and Thornfield v Grange. Railway v Bilton is due to be played as soon as it can be rearranged. Oakfield took control of their game and won 3 rinks to 1, giving them 77 shots and 12 points with Rugby 60 shots and 2 points.

Thornfield’s game was a lot closer and won by 5 shots with a score of 80 shots from 3 rinks and 12 points, the Grange 75 shot and 2 points.

The RBA match against South Warwicks BA at Wellsbourne BC on Sunday (June 10) was a disappointment as the RBA went down by 1 rink to 5 rinks against. Although it was a loss, credit must go to those bowlers who travelled to play and to the rink that won.