BOWLS: Thornfield finals day round-up

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By Keith Oakes

An early start for competitors at Thornfield’s finals day, 9am to be precise, when Yvonne Bromfield and Maureen Edwards contested the Ladies 4 wood Championship Final. First bowler to gain 21 shots would take the title and Yvonne took an early lead, 10 shots to 2 at 5 ends, both then scored 1s & 2s making the score 17-7 at 12 ends to Yvonne. Maureen scored another couple of 2s but with a last end score of 3 shots, this gave Yvonne 22 shots and the title, to Maureen’s 11 shots.

Brian Smith and Tony Hoffman contested the Men’s Championship, also first to 21 shots. A close game was expected between these two gents, and as the score card proves, it was. It was even scores after 5, 7 ends & 5 shots apiece at 9 ends, then Tony took 5 shots from the next 3 ends, but Brian came back with a 1 & 4 to make it even again at 16 ends with 11 shots. Carrying on, 1s & 2s ensued to bring the score at 22 ends to 15 shots each, then a 3 & 1 to Tony making the score 19-15 at 24 ends. The end was now in sight for Tony but as usual, Brian who never gives up, scores two 1s & a 2 to bring the scores level again at 19 shots all at 27 ends, all to play for. The last 2 ends belonged to Tony though with two 1s, reaching 21 shots, the title and a handshake from Brian, the runner-up in a thrilling final.

The final of the Men’s 2 Wood competition played over 21 ends, saw Tony Bromfield and Ian Gibbs contest this one. Tony started well going 3 shots to 1 on the first 3 ends, 3 shots each after 5 ends, 7–6 to Tony at 10 ends, even so far with 1s & 2s from here on in until Ian took the lead 10-9 to at 15 ends. Another couple of 1s & 2s saw Ian creep away to 16-9 at 19 ends when Tony conceded the contest giving Ian the Championship.

The Ladies ‘Handicap’ competition again featured Yvonne Bromfield playing Christine (Mary) Harding, both with a starting handicap of “4” shots so now only requiring 17 shots to win. Scores equal at 6 ends of 10 shots, continued to 13 shots each at 11 ends, 19 shots to 15 and at 15 ends it seemed like Yvonne would take her 2nd title of the day, but no, Christine came back in the last 3 ends with a 1, a 3 & a 2 for a 21 shot to 19 shots and a title win for Christine (Mary) Harding.

Brian Smith in action again, this time playing Peter Dymond in the Men’s ‘Handicap’ competition. Peter, with a handicap of “1”, soon had that slight advantage erased as Brian (off scratch), scored 2 shots on the first end but then pulled back to 4-3 at 5 ends. At 9 ends, Peter was 7-4 up, at 10 ends 7 shots each and at 15 ends, Brian had taken a 14 shot to 8 lead. Peter kept going but only scored 1 shot more while Brian ended his day’s campaign with a 2 & two 3s totalling 22 shots to Peter’s 9.

Tony Hoffman playing for the Clive White Trophy against relative newcomer, Micky Higham. A great effort by Micky keeping equal scores with Tony until he dropped a 4 & a 2 but picking up a 2 & 1 to make it 11-8 to Tony at 10 ends. Only 1 more shot for Micky as Tony romped home with another 10 shots to take his tally to 21 shots and collect his second trophy.

The Mixed Pairs competition consists of 18 ends and was contested by partners Claire Oakes & John Kilsby playing Maureen Edwards & David Griffith. The Oakes/Kilsby pair went out to a 3-1 lead until dropping a 5 to Maureen & David on the 5th end. Regaining composure, Claire & John scored 9 shots to 1 to give them 12-7 at 10 ends and then 18-10 at 15 ends. Maureen & David scored a 4 on the 16th to give hope at 14-18 with two ends to go, but a 3 shot from Claire & John on the 17th, Maureen & David need 7 to force an extra end but could only score 2 shots. Claire and John Mixed Pairs Champions 21 shots to 16 shots.

By contrast, the Ladies Pairs Competition was not a high scoring game but never the less, a tactical game between Sue Duggins & Pat Lowe playing Rose Joyce & Yvonne Bromfield. It was soon evident that 1s & 2s would be the norm in this game and at 5 ends, Sue & Pat lead 5-1 only to be down 8-5 at 10 ends with Rose & Yvonne scoring a 3 on the 8th. A few more 1s and a 2 apiece showed the score board read 13-10 at 18 ends in favour of Rose & Yvonne, who takes her second trophy of the day.

Men’s Pairs Championship, also 18 ends, brought together Micky Higham & Graham Wells, both relatively new to bowls playing seasoned bowlers Bill (Bilbo) Brown and Peter Dymond, who have won this trophy the last two seasons. Not giving into a far superior pairing, Micky & Graham kept pace with good shots only to be foiled by Bill & Peter covering the jack with ease. A 16 ends and with a massive score of 30 shots to 3 against them, Micky & Graham conceded but were better for the experience of playing three-times Champions, Bill & Peter.

Another drawn competition is the Men’s Pairs consisting of Derek Williams & John Kilsby playing Tony Hoffman & Ian Gibbs over 18 ends. Although it was Derek’s first appearance of the day, it did not deter him from the task ahead. At 6 shots to 2 on 5 ends, Ian & Tony lead the way and at 10 ends they were even further ahead 10-5. The 11th end 2 shots to Derek & John, 12th end Tony & Ian pulled one shot back but that was to be their last in this match as Derek & John scored 10 shots over 6 ends to finish 17 shots to 11 on the 18th end and become champions.

The final match of the day was the Ladies 2 Wood singles and the same two ladies who started the day off played this one as well. It, being in theory a shorter game than the pairs, finished before the drawn men’s pairs but was as well contested and viewed by all supporters with the same passion as their earlier match. The out come was reversed as Maureen scored more shots increasing her chances of revenge over Yvonne. The final score at 16 ends, Maureen Edwards 16 and Yvonne Bromfield 6 shots.

Quandary? Did the number of multiple games played by bowlers, increase or decrease their ability to be consistent throughout the day. Food for thought but a good day was had by all. Well done to each.