BOWLS: Thornfield trio triumphant in RBA Len Taylor two-wood triples

Len Taylor triples winners Thornfield bowlers Bob Lambert, Peter Dymond and Tony Hoffman   PICTURE BY CLAIRE OAKES
Len Taylor triples winners Thornfield bowlers Bob Lambert, Peter Dymond and Tony Hoffman PICTURE BY CLAIRE OAKES

Oakfield runners-up in Sunday’s competition

An early Sunday morning start to the RBA Len Taylor Triples Competition was complimented with bright sunshine that lasted well into the afternoon.

Bilton and Rugby Rail bowls clubs hosted the morning round robin sessions of four games over eight ends, with the top four from each venue progressing to compete in a knock-out finally at the Grange bowling club after lunch.

Eight teams competed at Bilton, games which produced some very interesting statistics. Steve Wilson’s trio, playing on their own green, Bilton, turned in three wins and a draw with 48 shots for first place. Bruce Truman’s trio (Rail), did equally well with three games & 41 shots for second place. Third and fourth places were taken by the trios of Terry Fuller (Rail) and Tom Wheeler (Grange), winning three games with 33 shots each.

Rugby Railway venue should have had six trios competing, but unfortunately only five turned up creating an ‘automatic’ two points for the other trios to be played. Despite this unnecessary situation, the winners of this group didn’t need the two ‘free’ points as Tony Mosteckyj’s trio (Oakfield) won three games and drew one with 38 shots. The four remaining trios all had the ‘free’ two points each. Phil Yeoman (Rail) won two games and 24 shots, Tony Hoffman (Thornfield) won one game and one draw with 24 shots and Warren Cox (Bilton) drew two games with 14 shots and Lee Ingleston having the lowest points, did not progress any further in the competition.

With the lunch break over, the Final knock-out stages of ten ends per game at the Grange, saw the trio of Bruce Truman overpower Steve Wilson, 11 shots to 4, Tony Hoffman defeated Terry Fuller 12 shots to 7, Warren Cox defeated Phil Yeoman 10 shots to 3 and Tony Mosteckyj only just took the game away from Tom Wheeler by 9 shots to 8.

In the semi-final, Tony Hoffman kept edging away from Warren’s trio to win 10 shots to 7. Bruce Truman’s trio couldn’t keep up with Tony Mosteckyj’s trio and conceded after 9 ends, 12 shots to 4.

The Final was now between the two ‘Tony’ trios and on paper, Tony Mosteckyj’s, Peter Winn and Howard Wilkins seemed to be playing slightly better with an accumulated 59 shots to 46 shots before the final. From the off, Tony H. took an early lead of 8 shots to 2 after 5 ends, then gaining another 5 shots to 4 shots by the 9th end, Tony M’s trio conceded defeat at 13 shots to 6 shots.

Oakfield Club have won the Len Taylor Triples trophy for the last two years, which included Peter Winn on both occasions, but have now to be content with the ‘Rodney Webb’ runner-up shield whilst a jubilant Rugby Thornfield Trio of Tony Hoffman, Bob Lambert and Peter Dymond cherish their win until next season.

Would the absent trio have had any influence on the results at all? We will never know and it shouldn’t happen.

Finally, I would like to thank all the bowlers and spectators, Bilton and Rugby Railway venues, but especially Sandra Harrison and Vanessa Brazier for their assistance in recording score and setting out etc, and Frank Gibbs for the use of the Grange and bar, manned on his own and setting out.

Keith Oakes