BOWLS: Top Club final

County Top Club champions Lillington
County Top Club champions Lillington

Rugby Thornfield v Lillington

By Jenny Corn

The Top Club final between Rugby Thornfield BC and Lillington BC was always going to be close but no-one expected the exciting finish which was all down to the last end being played by the Fours with Lillington holding their nerve to win 25-23 which left the team 10 shots ahead over all.

Sue Hornsby (Lillington) played the singles against Abbie Ward and struggled to get going until the 5th end but then pulled ahead to lead 10-9 at the 12th end, but Abbie proved the stronger and eventually won 15-21.

Pat Gagg with Grace Gallacher and Jayne Henfrey started well and they were leading all the way until the 14th end when the Rugby team (Pat Lowe, Sigrid Thomas and Christine Harding) picked up three shots to level the game at 10 all and went on to pip them to the post leaving Lillington adrift by just one shot 12-13.

The Pairs skipped by Di Thurlbeck with Margaret Grosvenor against Pat Bax and Yvonne Bromfield also started strongly and went on to secure a resounding win of 26-12.

With two losing rinks and one winning it was down to the Fours to win or forfeit the game – Jenny Corn with Hazel Goodman, Pippa Mace and Jacqui Cook had picked up 7 shots on the 3rd end and not scored again until the 8th end and they were still well down 0-18 by the time they started the 12th end.

However, 4 shots on the 12th started to turn the tables and they gradually pulled back and were level pegging 22 all on the 20th end.

So it was all down to the last end and the Lillington team manged to pick up 3 shots to give them the win and to ensure an exciting finish for their supporters.

The Top Club format for the ladies consists of four disciplines – Fours, Triples, Pairs and Singles – with a point given for a winning team and half for a draw with two points each the decider goes on shots.

Picture by Carol Norton