BOWLS: Trip to the seaside and home game against Herefordshire

The highest winning rink against Somerset  Pictures by Carol Norton
The highest winning rink against Somerset Pictures by Carol Norton

By Jenny Corn

Warwickshire Goes To The Seaside

Warwickshire's highest winning rink against Herefordshire

Warwickshire's highest winning rink against Herefordshire

This year’s friendly match took us to Burnham on Sea and although we only had a brief look at the sea, it is always a special event for us Midlanders! The day started wet but by the time we took to the green, the sun had come out and was kind to us until the last couple of ends, and Warwickshire won 133-72, so it was a good day all in all!

Highest winning rink went to Pat Moore (Three Spires) with Di Medhurst (Stoke), Marie Bromwich and Rosemarie Geden (both Southam) who romped away and were determined not to let their opponents get a look in eventually winning 41-8 – very unfriendly!

Elaine Taylor with Helen Harris (both Stoke), Margaret Andrew (Entaco) and Bernadette McDonnell (Lillington) wasn’t far behind as they stormed ahead to win 25-9.

Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield) with Kirsty Richards (Bournville), Heather Tredgold (Southam) and Jean Veart (Nuneaton) had a more gentle win as they were fairly evenly matched with their opponents but 4 shots on the 3rd and 14th ends made the difference and they finished 21-11.

Jenny Corn (Lillington) with Sigrid Thomas (Rugby Thornfield), Antoinette Lambert and Chris Harrison (both Ambleside) kept the pressure on to win 21-12.

Pat Gagg (Lillington) with Heather Mills (Grange Ladies), Pat Lowe (Rugby Thornfield) and Joan Hall (Nuneaton) were fairly evenly matched and 12 all at 18 ends, but 5 shots on the 19th and 20th ends enabled them to come home with a 17-13 win.

Maureen Tims (Whitnash) with Janet Pooler (Stoke), Karen Rice and Barbara Jeffrey (both Entaco) weren’t so fortunate as although they started well their opponents soon pulled back and overtook them to eventually win 19-8.

The President, Chris Richards (Lillington), was delighted to award a Colt Badge to Heather Tredgold.

Herefordshire at Stratford

After a trip to the seaside the county was hosting a team from Herefordshire at Stratford the following day and once again proved successful, winning 132-90.

Highest winning rink went to Maureen Tims (Whitnash) with Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield), Di Medhurst and Janet Pooler (both Stoke) who picked up 4 shots on the 4th end which gave them the initial impetus and although they only scored 3 shots over the next 5 ends, 3 shots on the 10th sealed their opponents’ fate and they stormed ahead to win 27-9.

Close behind was Jacqui Cook with Jenny Corn (both Lillington), Karen Rice (Entaco) and Pat Cooper (RLS) who started well and kept up the pressure to win 28-15. (Photo of Pat Cooper and Pat Yorke (Herefordshire) enjoying a chat in the sunshine)

Elaine Taylor (Stoke) with Christine Harding (Rugby Thornfield), Pam Bryan (Norgren) and Chris Ward (Lillington) started slowly but kept their heads and pulled back strongly in the middle of the game to finish 25-16.

Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford) with Janet Kitchener (Stoke), Wendy Baxter (Rugby Ladies) and Elaine Cresswell (Bilton) were fairly evenly matched and 5 all at 8 ends, but 4 shots on the 9th end helped their cause and they managed to hold their own and win 17-13.

Margaret Waterhouse (Wellesbourne) with Margaret Andrew (Entaco), Chris Roberts (Stoke) and Di Thurlbeck (Lillington) were also fairly evenly match with their opponents and although they pulled ahead and were 16-7 on 15 ends they weren’t allowed to keep their lead and just scraped a win 18-17.

Sue Hornsby (Lillington), with Di Wilkinson (Stoke), Terri Hitchcox (Rugby Ladies) and Mo Yeomans (Blossomfield) struggled to start and were 3-9 down at 8 ends, 5 shots over the next two ends enabled them to pull back and go ahead, but their opponents weren’t going to give in and eventually won the day 20-17.