BOWLS: Victory for County ladies in final Middle England League game

Warwickshire Ladies' highest winning rink against Herefordshire - Helen Harris, Ros Taylor, Chris Ward and Christine Harding
Warwickshire Ladies' highest winning rink against Herefordshire - Helen Harris, Ros Taylor, Chris Ward and Christine Harding

Round-up by Jenny Corn

The last Middle England League game at Banbury Borough was against Oxfordshire and Warwickshire needed to win this to stand a chance of leading the League and fortune favoured them as they won 116-110 giving them 13 points to 4, writes Jenny Corn.

Highest winning rink went to Pat Moore (Three Spires) with Jean Petty (Norgren), Margaret Grosvenor and Di Thurlbeck (both Lillington) who were level pegging 4 all at 5 ends and then started to trail behind, but a strong second half enabled them to finish with a 26-14 win.

Maureen Edwards with Sigrid Thomas (both Rugby Thornfield), Sharon Keal (Snitterfield) and Helen Harris (Stoke) also started slowly and were trailing at five ends, but a sudden spurt, including 5 shots on the 8th end, lifted their spirits and they never looked back eventually finishing 22-16.

Moira Parsons with Wendy Holloway (both Welford), Velisa Brown (Southam) and Trish Jarvis (Wolvey) set off at a pace and were 17-5 at the 10th end when their opposition fought back but they were still able to finish with a win 23-17.

Chris Cooke with Rosemarie Geden (both Southam), Di Medhurst (Stoke) and Donna Kerr (RLS) were fairly evenly matched throughout the game but just managed to hold on to a one shot lead 14-13.

Debbie Bloxham with Lynne Innes, Linda Linney (all Stratford) and Sue Hornsby (Lillington) were also fairly evenly matched until the end when their opponents managed to pull ahead leaving the visitors trailing 16-20.

Jenny Corn with Pippa Mace, Jacqui Cook (all Lillington) and Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) were always trailing and despite a valiant effort were unable to turn the tables and finished down 15-20.

Warwickshire v Herefordshire

The weather continued to be kind and another hot sunny day was on the forecast for Warwickshire’s trip to Eastnor where the green and their Herefordshire opponents proved too testing for the visitors who lost their winning streak to finish 111-118, writes Jenny Corn.

Helen Harris (Stoke) with Christine Harding (Rugby Thornfield), Chris Ward (Lillington) and Ros Taylor (Avenue Coventry) were in determined mood and 9-1 up at 7 ends when their opponents started to pull back over the next three ends but the visitors held on to finish with a win 22-14.

Jenny Corn with Hazel Goodman (both Lillington), Cynthia Briggs (RLS) and Chris Roberts (Stoke) were fairly evenly matched and 13 all at 13 ends finishing just two shots ahead 23-21.

Debbie Bloxham (Stratford) with Joy Cooke (Blossomfield), Wendy Holloway (Welford) and Liz Crowther (Lillington) were on a roll and doing well until they dropped ten shots on the 14th and 15th ends which put the home team in front and it was only a determined effort and 4 shots on the last end that gave them the win 23-22.

Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield) with Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford), Pat Harvey (Lillington) and Rosemarie Geden (Southam) were evenly matched until the last few ends when they managed to pull away and hold on to a tenuous 1 shot win 19-18.

Jean Petty (Norgren) with Liz Crispin (Wolvey), Janet Pooler (Stoke) and Linda Linney (Stratford) struggled to get going and it wasn’t until the 8th end that they scored but once on the board they kept going and although they never pulled ahead, they did hang on to only lose by shots – 12-18.

Chris Cooke (Southam) with Donna Kerr (RLS), Pippa Mace and Ann Doherty (Lillington) were also fairly evenly matched for most of the game and it was only a surge by the home team over the last few ends that left them 12-25 adrift at the end.