BOWLS: Victory in Wales for county ladies

The highest winning rink in Wales
The highest winning rink in Wales

By Jenny Corn

Warm Welcome in Wales

As the sun came out the Bears took a trip to Wales and were, as always, welcomed with open arms by Pen-Y-Glyn Ladies at Crickhowell Bowling Club, not to mention the Welsh Cakes which are a real treat!

The venue is superb surrounded by rolling hills and fields, in fact it’s difficult to concentrate on the bowling and not just stand a gaze at the view, but Warwickshire succeeded and came out with a 126-110 win.

Highest winning rink went to Elaine Taylor with Chris Roberts, Aleen Shuttleworth (all Stoke) and Christine Harding (Rugby Thornfield) who, having dropped 5 shots on the second end went on to trounce their opponents 33-11.

Maureen Edwards with Pat Lowe, Sigrid Thomas (all Rugby Thornfield) and Ann Doherty started strongly and kept up the pressure to win 24-12.

The only other winning rink was Chris Cooke (Southam) with Di Wilkinson (Stoke), Sharon Keal (Snitterfield) and Barbara Jeffrey (Entaco) who were fairly evenly matched with their opponents throughout the game but just managed to come away with a one shot win 17-16.

Jenny Corn with Chris Richards/Pat Harvey (all Lillington), Dawn Horne (RLS) and Mo Yeomans (Blossomfield) started slowly but picked up 5 shots on the 16th to leave them just 4 shots adrift 16-20 eventually losing 19-24.

Pat Gagg with Hazel Goodman, Jayne Henfrey (all Lillington) and June Hands (Ilmington) also started slowly but held their own in the second half to lose by just 5 shots 18-23.

Chris Ward with Margaret Stephens (both Lillington), Barbara Harsant (Solihull Municipal) and Helen Harris (Stoke) were fairly evenly matched to start but their opponents took off in the second half and they finished 15-24.

After a very nice meal County President, Chris Richards (Lillington) had the pleasure of presenting a Colt Badge to Sharon Keal (Snitterfield).