BOWLS: Victory over Northamptonshire in Midland Counties League


By Alan Jackson

Warwickshire returned to Midland Counties League action as Northamptonshire came to Nuneaton BC, a good game saw the Bears add another 18 points to their tally with an 130-107 victory.

Tom Wheeler (Rugby), Gary Langford (Solihull Municipal), Rob Robinson (Erdington Court) and Andy Smith (Avenue Leamington) made a good start, turning a midway three shot advantage into a seven shot lead with six to play. Three ends later Smith’s rink doubled their lead, final score 26-12.

Ewan Mason (Rugby), Stuart Smith (Nuneaton), Adam Smith (Avenue Leamington) and Colin Jacox (Avenue Coventry) held a tenth end seven shot advantage, Northants doubled their score in the next five ends but the lead increased to ten. Heading into the final end Jacox and co were fourteen up, the visitors took a three, Bears winning 23-12.

Andy Prickett (Welford), Paul Finch (Kings Heath), Dave Fallon (Nuneaton) and Dan Box (Little Compton) saw their early lead removed as they reached the midway point all square. Box and co dug in and started building a new lead, finishing the game 24-13 winners.

Lee Maughan (Rugby), Rob Maries (Avenue Leamington), Neil Hancock (Little Compton) and Martin Timms (Welford) trailed by four halfway through and clawed their way back to parity with three ends to go. They dropped one behind the next ends before closing with a double and single, final score 18-16.

Perhaps the oddest rink of the day saw Jordan Ward (Rugby), Steve Taylor (Avenue Coventry), Darren Ward (Rugby) and Calvin Wells (Nuneaton) trailing 18-0 after five ends. The next five ends saw them pick up eleven shots, only dropping one in reply. With five ends left to play Wells’ rink trailed by just three shots but couldn’t complete the comeback, losing 29-24.

Andy Manning (Nuneaton), James Finch (Kings Heath), Steve Smith (Nuneaton) and Alan Apsey (Welford) trailed by two after ten ends but Northants took that to a ten shot lead with five ends to play. A balanced final saw the deficit stay at ten, final score 25-15 to the visitors.

* The latest two inter county friendlies had mixed results, winning 128-93 away to Huntingdonshire and losing 114-117 to Worcestershire at Bilton BC.

Rink scores for Hunts (playing order): G O’Donohue, B Connolly, J Gockelen & President G Moran 21-14; C Faulkner, M Hill, M Allsop & B Truman 26-13; F Bannister, D Mobbs, M Jackson & R White 14-14; S Marton, N Malka, M Wallace & R Percival 30-9; D Oliver, G Ward, M Preedy & N Hewitson 17-22; B Mather, T Parsons, B Morris & T Mann 20-21.

Rink scores for Worc (playing order): B Brown, L Pates, M Jackson & President G Moran 18-22; G Clark, B Weston, K Francis & A Brookhouse 17-20; D Workman, M Brayne, M Allsopp & M Lill 28-13; M Westall, B Boulstridge, B Sands & D Thomas 20-22; M Onions, M Davies, D Darby & B Allcock 15-17; N Duxbury, D Scobie, R Curtis & M Harrison 20-23.